I can’t imagine the trouble you have to gone through to find an honest guy in a sea of toxic ones. And when you find him (or when you think you’ve found him), you’re still unable to completely trust him because you’ve been deceived before.

You start observing his behavior and looking for clues that will prove or discard your assumptions. And when you find something, you’re still not 100% sure of the validity of your thoughts.

But, not all hope is lost. Here are 6 things that all honest guys have in common which will help you distinguish an honest guy from a toxic liar.

1. He looks you in the eye

If the guy you’re dating is constantly making eye contact with you, it means his conscience is clear, and he has nothing to hide. The thing is, people tend to avoid eye contact when they’re hiding something because they feel too vulnerable in front of you.

So, if you notice him looking you in the eye while talking, and especially while talking about himself, it means he’s being honest with you, and you should never question his intentions.

2. He doesn’t have a history of cheating

If the guy you’re dating doesn’t have a history of cheating, the chances are that he’s been honest in his previous relationships and will be with you as well. Absorb his every word when he’s talking about his past, and you’ll realize what kind of a guy he is.

But, even if he did cheat in the past, this doesn’t have to mean that he’ll do the same to you. If that is the case, ask him about the details and how he feels about it. If he shows remorse, it means he’s sorry for everything he’s done, and he’ll never repeat the same.

3. He never hides his phone

An honest guy will never hide his phone when he’s with you. He will not hide it in his pockets all the time or refuse to answer his phone calls. An honest guy will always make sure to put his phone in a visible place, and he will not be afraid to show you some pictures or videos on his mobile phone.

You can test him by asking him to show you some of the pictures on his phone or something else interesting, and if he agrees, he’s being honest with you. But, if he says that there is nothing entertaining in his phone and refuses to show it to you, he might be hiding something from you.

4. He is humble

An honest guy is humble. Period. He never brags about his achievements, job or the amount of money he makes. He is always humble regardless of circumstances.

Humbleness and honesty go hand to hand. You cannot be humble if you’re not honest and vice versa. And these are traits of a real gentleman who knows his value and who knows how to treat a woman.

5. He never makes excuses

Another sign of honesty is if your guy is being consistent in his decisions. Does he call you when he says he will? Does he always show up on time? Does he keep his promises?

Your guy is being honest if he is always trying hard to come on time and never makes excuses for being late or for some other factors that have somehow prevented him from accomplishing what he’s promised you.

6. He cares about you a lot

It’s one thing to care about someone and confirm it only with words, but it’s completely different when you show it with your actions. If your guy is going out of his way to show you how much he cares about you, he’s most definitely being honest with you.

It is really hard to treat someone with respect and appreciation if you’re not into that person. If your guy is treating you with care, you will be his number one priority, and he’ll do anything to make you feel comfortable and loved by him.

He will simply be unable to be dishonest with you because he will direct all of his energy to making you feel special and not deceiving you. And if you’re still not sure, just listen to your intuition and follow your heart.

6 Undeniable Signs You're Dating An Honest Guy