Believe me, you can still make mistakes even when you love someone. Those mistakes are probably little problems that occur in your relationship and they won’t influence it a lot if you really do want to work on them. More often than not, it’s very confusing when you’re trying to read the signals he’s sending and what you get is just your head hurting and your heart aching. But there are certain things that simply show that your partner doesn’t love you, no matter what he says. He could bring you flowers every single day but if he’s still doing any of these things you should dump his ass, because you deserve so much more than to be lied to.

1. Disrespect your boundaries

If a man really does love you, he will respect your boundaries and never ask to break them. Setting boundaries at the beginning of the relationship is very important so that you can feel safe and if he doesn’t want to respect them and constantly pushes you to do things you’re not ready for, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t love you. If you don’t want to have sex with him early on in the relationship or if you don’t want to introduce him to your parents, it’s all up to you. If he loves you, he’ll respect it.

2. Make you quit

He won’t make you quit anything if he’s truly, madly in love with you. If he asks you to quit your job, your hopes and dreams, or your ambitions, just because he doesn’t like them, you’re better off without him. You deserve someone who’ll help you become a better version of yourself and support you as much as he can. If he doesn’t do this, he simply doesn’t love you.

3. Cheat on you

This is the most obvious one but cheating can’t be a mistake. I know that people aren’t really themselves when they’re drunk but it isn’t an excuse to go around and flirt, kiss or have sex with random women that you meet. Love goes way beyond every feeling of lust he might feel, so if he goes after another woman while he’s with you, then that’s not love.

4. Put you last

You know that when you love someone, you love them fully. They are your biggest priority and you are always there for your partner. If he loves you, he’ll do the same thing for you. He will never put you last, you will never be an option but always a priority. You’ll be the first person he thinks about and the first person he texts in the morning. There will be no one more important than you are. If he has friends coming over and you’re sick, he’ll cancel all of his plans to be there for you, because that’s what loved ones do.

5. Talk about you behind your back

Talking badly about your loved one is the most disrespectful thing someone can do. It’s a clear sign you don’t love them if you’re bad-mouthing them when they’re not around. You shouldn’t be gossiping at all, especially not if it’s your partner you’re talking about. So if you hear a friend telling you how he told them your secrets, or he simply talks about your relationship in a bad manner, you should really ask yourself if he loves you.

6. Forget about you

When you confront him about never texting you and never calling you to go out on dates and he says that he simply forgot about it, how do you feel? Do you feel loved? Do you feel appreciated? No, of course not. He might even forget to show up on dates, forget that it’s your friend’s birthday or some other stupid things. Don’t let him convince you that he loves you after doing this.

7. Keep secrets from you

Talking about everything and communicating things through properly is the most important thing in relationships. That’s why there’s no need for keeping secrets from one another. If you tell him everything about yourself and you’re ready to share your deepest and darkest thoughts, he should be ready to do the same thing for you. If he loves you, he will trust you enough and never give you a reason to doubt him.