We all know breakups can hurt like hell. You don’t actually see them as something positive, but trust me, they can be great for you.

A breakup can be inspiring if you change the perspective and stop looking at it as the worst thing that ever happened to you.

Here is a list of reasons why breakups are awesome sometimes:

1. You realize in time that the person you loved was not the right person for you.

Yup, it’s painful. But that doesn’t mean that person was the one for you. It’s better to end things sooner because postponing pain is never a good thing. So, things didn’t work out for you two? Okay, now you can let go and finally move on. Something better is waiting for you, so you shouldn’t waste time!

2. You learn that your self-confidence is your strongest asset.

You convince yourself you can do this, and in the end you succeed. You get over him. You grow even stronger. A breakup can teach you to remind yourself that when everything goes down, you need to love yourself even harder. I know it’s challenging to feel anything positive in the beginning, but let yourself heal and you will feel greater than ever!

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3. It helps you to understand who you really are.

We all tend to lose pieces of ourselves once we’re in a relationship. We feel like we need to be blended with the person we love. Eventually, you forget who you really are.

Breakups can help you rediscover yourself, your interests, what makes you happy or sad, and so on. Maybe you didn’t even like that show you watched with your boyfriend, maybe you watched it just because he liked it. When you’re single, you get plenty of time to think about everything and find a way to your true self.


4. It shows you how strong you really are.

You never thought you could live without him, but look at you—alive and breathing. We are not aware of our real strengths until something really shitty happens. We often underestimate our emotional, mental and even physical strengths. In the end, you learn you’re much tougher than you originally believed yourself to be, and it fills you with a great amount of pride.

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5. You start appreciating people in your life more.

Breakups give you a chance to see who your real friends are. You finally start paying attention to all those wonderful people in your life that you might have been neglecting while dating a guy. You are thankful for your friends and family that supported you in your darkest moments.


6. You learn from your mistakes.

You finally see your previous relationship more objectively. You realize what went wrong and you want to improve yourself. Perhaps you got through a bad breakup that had bad consequences, but the good thing is that you could finally realize what type of guy you don’t want to date ever again. That’s the point of all the pain you go through— it teaches you to choose more wisely and be smarter the next time you fall in love.

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7. The beauty of a fresh ‘love’ start.

After the lousy healing process, you can finally get back in the game! You can decide to do whatever you want with your love life, and that feels so damn empowering. You will see that there are so many opportunities for you, because you are amazing!