Nowadays, love seems so hard. So many emotions simply seem to devour us and we see that it simply isn’t as we imagined it. We want a love that lasts, a love that stays. Something that doesn’t make us feel unworthy or like we aren’t good enough for it. But all we get is a broken heart and the thought that love is the hardest thing alive, but what we need to consider is that love shouldn’t be hard. It all depends on our partner, of course, if he’s willing to make it easy for us. We tend to settle for men whom we think we can heal or men who play hard to get, when in fact we should be dating someone who makes love easy.

Date a man who understands. He’ll be there for you whenever you’re feeling down because he understands that your emotions aren’t always put together well and he’ll wait for you to be ready to talk with him. He’ll even leave you alone whenever you want to take some time off because he understands that you need more alone time.

Date a man who makes you feel worthy of love. It’s hard to find him. To find a man who’s going to give you all the love he has and never question if you’re worthy of it? Well, he’s a keeper. You want someone who’ll give you everything that’s in his power and always think that you’re worthy of much more. Because you are.

Date a man who believes in you. This man will never make you doubt yourself or the relationship. There’s no way he is going to be jealous because he has faith in you and he believes that you won’t cheat on him. He won’t make a scene about your male friends, or about your male co-workers.

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Date a man who feels safe. A man who makes you feel like you’re completely safe in his arms and that nothing can separate you two. This man will show you that being vulnerable isn’t a problem because you are in your safe-zone that you can come back to whenever life gets tough. His hugs will feel like salvation and you will feel that your shoulders are feeling free, because they don’t have to carry the weight of the world anymore. Your whole body will relax with every touch because he’ll let you know that he’ll be there to catch you, whatever happens.

Date a man who loves you. Love is easily spotted. It’s not what we have considered to be love until now because love is not jealousy dressed as protection, it’s not getting hurt ‘for your own good’, love is someone who doesn’t mind seeing us without make-up because our physical appearance doesn’t matter. Love is when he looks you straight in the eye and says that you’re the best thing that has ever happened to him. Love is the feeling of belonging that you get when he’s around. That’s love.

Date a man who makes love easy. Because love doesn’t have to be hard when it’s pure and healthy. Love doesn’t need you to change and love doesn’t want you to become someone else to please your partner. Find a man who appreciates you for you and who doesn’t need you to be perfect, because he’s not perfect either. He’ll make love easy for you, because he’ll want you to stay by his side. Forever.

Date Someone Who Makes Love Easy