After so many bad relationships, you become a little bit pessimistic about it. You start to question if the good ones exist, like a good relationship is a myth, something distant and unattainable.

There are so many guys with commitment issues. You can’t help but wonder if it was something contagious that every guy you ever met caught. When things would get a bit more serious, they would run as fast as they could.

And here you are looking at him. Wondering when he is going to hit the road and run away from you. You are so used to things ending that you just can’t believe he is planning to stay. But he is, he is here to stay. And he is there to reassure you that he is the one for you.

He is there to banish your fears. To move them out of sight. All of a sudden you feel calm without even realizing what has happened. You know you are where you are meant to be and that’s  the mutual feeling you share.

Before, every time some serious subject appeared, like talking about kids or marriage, even when you were commenting on somebody else’s life, the person you were dating would avoid the subject.

So, you started avoiding that subject completely. Now he is the one talking about moving in together for starters. The idea of having a family is in his long-term plans. He is not a scared little boy – he is a grown ass man who knows what he wants.


Couple hugging by the ocean


Suddenly you realize your relationships before didn’t work because you were caught up with boys who didn’t want to grow up. Now you have somebody ready to commit.

However, he is not rushing things. He is doing it slowly – one step at a time. He is building his life with you brick by brick, because he wants strong foundations.

His family knows about you. He already introduced you to some of his friends. He is proud to have you in his life and he is not afraid to show it.

He opens up to you. No matter how small and mindless or big and chaotic, he wants you to know about his problems. It might take him a while to open up, though (he is not a woman, after all). He doesn’t feel comfortable showing that he is weak in some situations too, but he knows you are the one he should share it with.

He listens when you have some serious things to say. He might ignore you when you are going on and on about how you have nothing to wear or how you chose the wrong color of lipstick. But he knows when to listen and he knows when something is truly important to you. He sees when something is making you extremely sad. He is there for you. If he doesn’t know what to say, at least he listens and hugs you and that’s more than enough.

You are not afraid of being yourself when you are together. You are not afraid he will leave if he sees that you are not perfect. Nobody’s perfect but you are perfect just the way you are at your worst and at your best.

You like him too, even when you get mad at him. You just keep reminding yourself that he gets mad at you, too. You fight, then you kiss and make up – that’s how it goes. As I said, nobody’s perfect, but you fit perfectly together.

All of your fears and all of your baggage from past relationships seem to go up in flames. By him being sure about you, you became sure about him, too.

You feel like you are dreaming and you never want to wake up. All you can do is look at him and thank God He sent him your way.

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