The dating world is full of uncertainty. You meet one person, you start dating them, and then you realize you don’t feel that comfortable around them.

Then you meet another person, you start dating them, and you realize that they are emotionally unavailable, toxic or a commitment freak.

None of these you can influence, but what you can do is date like a boss in order to decrease the chances of repeating the same mistakes again. In today’s world, dating like a boss has become necessary if you want to be in control of your love life, and here are 6 steps that will help you achieve it.

6 steps to date like a boss and bring dating to another level

1. Don’t lower your standards

Don’t ever lower your standards just because you’ve had some bad dating experiences in the past. You need to understand that it’s not your fault if you’ve attracted some toxic guys to your life.

It’s just something you couldn’t influence. So, always have high standards regarding your potential dates. Stay true to your values and demand certain qualities in every single one of your future dates.

2. Be open to new things

If you want to date like a boss, you need to learn to be open to new things. Dating like a boss means not limiting yourself, but it also means not accepting everything someone gives you.

You need to be open to new things because if you’re not, you will never be able to find your true happiness. If you’re too picky and only stick to one thing, the chances are that your future dates will be doomed to fail.

You can be open to new things and still have high standards. You can still be selective regarding your dates, and the key is in giving chances to new things that might be the key ingredients you’ve been searching for.

3. Don’t change yourself

The golden rule when it comes to dating like a boss is to never change yourself for someone else. You know who you are, and you know what you bring to the table.

If they’re not happy with it, let them eat alone. Don’t ever change yourself only to appease their egoistic natures or selfish motives. You want to date someone who likes you the way you are and appreciates your flaws just as you’re willing to appreciate theirs.

4. Don’t put up with anybody’s bullshit

If they do something you don’t like, tell them. Don’t ever stay silent just because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. You don’t need to put up with anybody’s bullshit if that’s not something you’ve asked for.

That way, they’ll know they can’t do whatever they want with you. They will know that you’re going to show them if you dislike something which will influence their choice of actions. And they will make an effort a genuine effort not to piss you off…if they want to have a chance with you.

5. Don’t be too available

Never be too available no matter who you’re dating. They were not here for you when you were on your own going through your hard times, so they will not certainly dictate with whom you’re going to spend your free time.

They cannot force you to spend time with them when you already have some plans with others. So, let them wait on you, and if they’re really interested, this will not be a problem at all.

6. Enjoy your life

Dating like a boss means enjoying your life to the fullest. And if you enjoy your life, you’ll enjoy dating as well. Even if something happens that you didn’t expect or couldn’t prevent from happening, the key is to remain positive and not give a shit about it.

Act like a lady, think like a boss, and you’ll be unstoppable.

The moment you stop worrying about dating is the moment when you start dating like a boss. Shit happens, and everyone knows it. But, if you’re still able to truly enjoy your life despite all of the bad that might interfere, you’ll be the boss of both dating and living.

Act like a lady, think like a boss, and you’ll be unstoppable.