Today, I will behave just like you. I will ignore all your messages because it wasn’t of a high priority for me to respond to them and in the evening, when I have nothing to do anymore, I will text you without any feelings. I will text you just because I have to and not because I love you.

Today, I will let you know that I have different options and that I can walk away too. Because darling, believe it or not, good girls can walk away too. They just need more time to get up the courage and strength because it is not so simple to leave someone you love more than yourself.

Today, I will post so many happy photos on my Facebook just to let you know that I saw your messages and that I didn’t want to read them. I will smile on every photo, just so you can see how happy I can be when you are not around. In fact, that is the only time I am happy, when your toxic hands are far away from my body, and when you don’t hold my waist so tight so that I don’t run away from you.

Today, I won’t ask you about your day or if you had any problems at work. I will also skip the small talk with you when I get home because I am tired. And when you ask me why I am so distant, I will just tell you that I am tired and that I want to sleep. I won’t even mind not telling you that I am sorry for not spending any quality time with you. And I won’t feel any remorse because I know that you will forgive me.

Today, I will get home late and I won’t even text you to say I won’t be there for dinner. I will let you prepare and cook everything and I’ll let you wait for me while the candles are burning, with you thinking that every car that goes down our street is me.

Today, I will talk about my aspirations and my dreams, not even listening to what you have to say. I will put myself first like you always do and you’ll be there to listen to me carefully, to admire me and to boost my ego. Because that’s why I am here, only to get what I want and to satisfy my needs.

Today, I will talk about other guys and the great time I spent with them just to make you feel nervous and to think that you could lose me if you continue to behave like you do. I just need to see your face when I tell you that you are not the only one for me and that there are other men who can make me happy more than you.

And tonight, when you will get back home, you will think of me. I know you will. You will try so hard not to do that but you won’t be able to control your thoughts that will keep rising. You will analyze things over and over again. You will go through every conversation that we had and you will try to figure out what I wanted to say with every word that came out of my mouth. Trust me, you will spend the whole night thinking about me but you won’t find a solution to your problems.

Tonight, for the first time in my life, I will go to bed and I won’t send you a text to say goodnight. In that way, I will show you that I don’t need you and that I don’t miss you.

Tonight, I will make you think that you are completely alone because you will finally pay for all that you did to me. You will see that it wasn’t easy for me to live knowing that you would never be mine. It wasn’t easy to think that you would change your mind and leave me. It wasn’t easy to give you all my love but never getting anything in return.

Couldn’t you see what you were doing to me? Couldn’t you see that I didn’t want to live like that and that I needed something more? Was it so hard to give me the love I craved so much after I gave you everything that I had? I was a girl who was so easy to love but you still refused to make me feel whole by giving me your heart.

So, tonight I will break your heart just like you broke mine. I won’t choose you just like you were hesitating to choose me all this time. And it will hurt you. I know it will but I won’t mind. And no, I won’t feel any remorse for doing all that to you. Because you had your chance but you blew it. You had a girl who actually wanted to be yours but you pushed her away. Even when I was with you, I felt so alone. And that is how you will feel tonight.

Tonight, you will feel like you are alone even if you are in a room full of people. You will seek me in every other woman standing there but you won’t find me.

Tonight, I will make you feel like I wasn’t in love with you. And that feeling will eat you alive.

Tonight baby, I will show you that I can also walk away.