Theoretically, you are very much aware of the fact that not all people are honest, as much as you would like them to be and as much as they swear their honesty.

Because let’s face it—nobody will tell you that they enjoy lying or that they like to pretend they are someone they are not.

But the fact is that people often pretend and lie. Some do it because they simply want to play with you, some do it to mask their own insecurities and some do it just because it’s easier.

And even though your mind knows this, when you have feelings for someone your heart simply refuses to question their intentions.

You simply want to believe every word they tell you because you want to believe that this person is worthy of your love.

And this is exactly the case with this guy you care about.

When you first got to know this man, you thought that he was your dream come true. You thought that he was everything you’d ever wanted and looked for.

You thought that this guy was perfect for you and that you’d finally met someone who would make you happy.

He is the man who sweet talks you into anything.

A man who tells you he is ready to move mountains for you and who is apparently ready to do whatever it takes just to meet your needs and just to make you happy.

According to him, you are the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with and he doesn’t have any trouble with commitment. He is always faithful and his complete loyalty is never in question.

You don’t think he is perfect because the truth is that sometimes he makes a mistake. Sometimes he does something that hurts you.

But the truth is that he also repents. That he always asks you to forgive him and that he promises to never make the same mistake again.

So you always end up giving him another chance. You always end up believing his words and believing that he’ll change.

But does he ever really stick to his words? Does he ever prove them with deeds and actions?

Or has he just been making empty promises all along?

I know you love this man and I know you want to think the best of him but maybe it’s time you stop justifying him.

Maybe it’s about time you finally look the truth straight in the eye and see things for how they really are.

Maybe it’s time to accept the fact that this man’s actions are not consistent with his words.

Maybe it’s time to stop paying attention to what he is telling you and start focusing on the way he behaves.

Because let’s face it—the truth is that he is nowhere near the man he pretends to be. He is nowhere near the Mr. Perfect you want him to be.

He is the guy who doesn’t fulfill his promises and who always ends up making the same mistakes all over again.

He is the guy who never puts you first, although he swears that you are the most important person to him.

The guy who doesn’t take your relationship as seriously as he should, although he is always the one talking about commitment and about taking things to the next level.

The guy who makes you compare yourself to all those other women, even though he swears he only has eyes for you.

The guy who says he is always ready to compromise but always ends up doing things his own way.

He is the guy who promises he’ll change but never does.

The guy who tells you he would do anything in his power for the sake of your relationship but in reality, isn’t ready to lift a finger to make you happy.

The man who swears he loves you but somehow, you don’t see or feel that love.

I know that none of this is easy to accept but it’s the only truth.

I know it’s easier for you to believe in this fairy tale this man is trying to give you and I know it’s easier for you to look at him through rose-tinted glasses.

But sadly, the truth is harsh and quite different. And it’s about time you face it, before it becomes too late.