I don’t know why, but from the first moment I saw you, I felt that you were not as good a person as you pretended to be. But that didn’t prevent me from becoming head over heels in love with you. You made me lose my balance and my common sense.

And after all these years I still can’t figure out how you did all that to me. But one thing I know: A man can be an angel or a devil to the girl who loves him. Unfortunately, you were a devil disguised in an angel’s body and you found a wicked way to deceive a girl who loved you.

Because of all those bad things you did to me: Screw you!

Screw you for leading me on!

Screw you for making me the unlovable one!

Screw you for breaking my heart into pieces!

I will never forgive and I will never forget. You were my hardest lesson and I will never let any other man treat me like you did. Because you explained to me perfectly well how not to treat a woman.

You knew that I was hurt but that didn’t prevent you from making me fall for you and breaking my fragile heart without remorse. You just saw your opportunity because I had recently been abandoned. You knew that I was vulnerable and you took advantage of me. You bloody bastard!

I wish I’d known what your intentions were so I could have prevented myself from tears.

But your face of an angel couldn’t give me any clues that you would lead me on. You weren’t interested in me as a person. You never wanted to explore my heart and soul. You just wanted to explore my body. And I was a fool for letting you do all you had ever wanted.

You were just a man who couldn’t keep his word while I still remember all those things that you said to me. I still remember all your sweet words that you told me to win me over, while you forgot them the second you let them out of your mouth.

You know, it is damn difficult to accept the fact that the one you loved the most made a fool out of you.

Young woman sitting on grass with head resting on hand

But that was just my life lesson I had to learn in a tough way. The thing is, I didn’t see you coming. You were like a hurricane in my life. You came without an invitation and turned my world upside down.

But I somehow survived all that and now I am stronger than ever.

And I know that I am not crazy for thinking all this about you, because you are a jerk. I couldn’t understand that you were totally unaffected by the whole thing. Like you didn’t have anything to do with this relationship. Like you didn’t see that you would hurt me by leading me on.

And most of all, screw you for making me think that you are worthy.

I hate you for all those lies about the greatest love of all. I hate every single word that came out of your mouth because they were all lies. I hate you for breaking that innocent girl in me who can’t be fixed anymore. I just hope that you are happy now, when you see what I turned myself into. But you know what? I am not someone who will surrender so easily.

Even if you broke my heart to pieces I will somehow pick myself up.

And when I do that, you will experience the anger of a cheated woman in your own skin. So if I were you, I would suggest you already start running as far as you can, because I will have no mercy. Just like you didn’t have when you were killing me so easy that it hurt more.

I just wanted you to love me and to fight for me but you weren’t capable of doing that. So, now, I dare you to experience a life without me. Hope you will finally realize how not to treat a woman and that you will forgive yourself.

Because, baby, you can be sure that I won’t!