When he finally makes you a priority you’ll feel blessed. The man who wasn’t able to realize what you were doing for him, the same man who took you for granted and made you feel unwanted and unhappy is finally putting all of his effort into making you happy and showing you all of his love and attention.

When he finally makes you a priority he won’t think twice about always choosing you. Actually, you won’t even be an option to him, all of his life will be devoted to you and there will be nothing as important to him as you are. He will regret not treating you better before and not being able to see that he might have lost you if he had continued his life that way.

When he finally makes you a priority he will apologize. He will apologize for all those times he wasn’t there for you when you needed him and he will repeat it more times than you are ready to hear that he’s actually sorry, when he realizes how heartbroken you have been all this time, waiting for him to finally see how much you loved him and how much you will love him.

When he finally makes you a priority your heart is going to heal. Your chest won’t ache that much anymore and you won’t have to cry yourself to sleep at night, wondering where he is and why he isn’t with you at that particular moment.

When he finally makes you a priority you will see that all that waiting paid off. All those tears and all those attempts to try and talk to him were there to show him how in love you were with him and that you were ready to work your differences out to the point where you would be happy together.

He finally made you a priority. All the pain was worth it.

Was it? Was it worth it? Were those cried out tears and those nights you spent at home alone worth his moment of enlightenment? Was he worth it? All those times you thought that it was over and all those times you wanted to leave because you simply didn’t see a place in his life weren’t worth it.

You were hurt and you were in pain for such a long time and no matter how many times you tried to break his walls and to help him see that he was losing you, it simply didn’t help. It isn’t helping even today. You’re still trying to make him see how hurt you are because of his actions. Don’t you think that he would have changed if he wanted to?

There was always something or someone more important than you. There was work, there were friends, there were movies, but never you. You were never a priority to him. So why keep on fighting? You’re fighting for that blessed moment when he realizes that he’s losing you? Stop it.

Let me tell you that if he really did love you, you wouldn’t even have to wait. You would be the only person in his life and he wouldn’t have eyes for anyone else in this world but you. He would have made you a priority right away if he really did love you. But he doesn’t. No matter what he says, no matter how many times he kissed you, if he doesn’t make you a priority then he doesn’t love you.

It’s not worth the fight and the pain and the numerous tears that are wetting your pillow. It’s not worth it to wait for someone to see how amazingly important, lovable and caring you are if they aren’t able to see it right away.

Please do yourself a favor and don’t wait for him to finally make you a priority. Instead of waiting for him to do that, put yourself first and leave. Leave because he doesn’t deserve you. He never will.

Someone will come into your life and put you first from the moment he lays eyes on you. He will make you forget about all those times you were just an option to someone and he will help you remember your own worth. Believe me. This man is worth the wait, unlike someone else.