For a while now, I have been fascinated by the concept of emotional intelligence and how it can affect our relationships and also our view of our own self. Emotional intelligence is, in my not so humble opinion, the best thing that you can work on to make all your relationships in life successful (even the relationship you have with yourself).

So, let’s first define the term ’emotional intelligence’. What is it?

Emotional intelligence is defined as the ability to manage and control your own emotions and the emotions of others. It is used in conflict resolution, being aware of one’s emotions and empathizing with the people around you.

All of these things are very beneficial to your relationships, am I right? Some might argue that your EQ is more important than your IQ.

But how can it benefit you in the long run? Easyby learning, understanding and working on the five components of emotional intelligence:

  1.  Self-awareness. Self-awareness is the main key to your EQ. Recognizing and handling your own emotions as they come is very important, so that you can know how to communicate them properly to someone else. This means to be completely in tune with your body, mind and soul, so that you always know how you feel and how to react accordingly. A big part of this component is self-confidence! You have to know your own worth and be aware of your strengths and weaknesses. I’m not talking about arrogance here, because being arrogant means that you are overestimating yourself. Being confident means that you simply know who you are and what your true worth is, so that no one can prove you otherwise.
  2.   Self-regulation. Most of us simply can’t find a way to control our emotions as they come. We might be very hysterical, anxious or depressed and that leads us to scenarios where it’s more than understandable to fall to our knees under the burden of our emotions. So yeah, this is where self-regulation comes into play. Self-regulation is all about controlling the amount of time those emotions are present. There can be many methods used, from meditation to affirmations and creative visualization.
  3.   Motivation. Isn’t motivation one of the greatest things of humankind? By motivating ourself to do certain things, we can actually achieve anything that we set our mind to! The key to motivation is to set clear goals. What are your goals in life? You can always keep track of your goals by making a vision board. The things that are important for motivation are commitment, initiative and optimism. I think that we all know that all our relationships could use more of each of these components in order to become better and more joyful. So find those areas and figure out a unique way to make your relationships and your life better.
  4.   Empathy. Emotional intelligence is nothing without empathy. Being an empath is the biggest strength one can have, so don’t be ashamed for being so emotionally attached to people or feeling things so deeply. Recognizing how other people feel in our surroundings is extremely important for our own success in life.
  5.   Social skills. Yes. Social skills. With this last component of EQ, we have to be aware of the fact of how important it actually is. By developing our own social skills, we are running toward a successful life. Social skills include influence, communication and building bonds with others. If you have amazing communication skills and you know how to manage a conversation to get the best out of it, that means that you’re able to solve any conflict with ease.

Is it now clear how and why EQ is so important when it comes to relationships? As a recap, it means to understand your own emotions and be confident that you are worthy of all the things that you require to have a happy life, while controlling all your emotions to a certain extent. It means to be aware of the emotions of the people around you and adapting to them so you can communicate your own needs as well as meet theirs.

Don’t be afraid to open up to your emotional genius and be prepared to change your relationships to the fullest. Believe me, nothing will go in the wrong direction if you truly work on making it a priority to make your EQ higher.