I am not trying to boast or anything but he just is.

You know, I have this vision in my head that there are three versions of BFs out there:

  1. Air-wasters
  2. Keepers
  3. Happily-ever-after material

The Air-wasters are those immature ones that only want to get one thing from a girl. No need to write it down; we are all capable of getting the point here, I believe. They don’t really make you feel special, except (maybe) in bed. They don’t feed your soul nor do they have you in the plan for anything further.

Any other boyfriend is better that this kind because boys in this category are just wasting the air in vain.

They don’t care about your feelings, about the time you spend together nor what an amazing girl you are.

Another category would be the Keepers.

The Keepers are those boyfriends who really do their best to meet your expectations. They are the ones who do their best to please you and make you feel like you’re the only one for him in this world.

They text first, buy you food, but they are just not that mature to meet you at the altar. You do want to spend your time with them and you can picture your future together, but you are not that certain if he’s your happily-ever-after guy.

And then we have the ‘perfect’ ones—the hubby material.

They are not just any hubby material: they are the ones you know you will have forever. There is no divorce, no cheating, no cold feet in any situation.

With this kind of guy (boyfriend and husband material) you get it all, just name it.

They are always making sure your needs come first. You get your goodnight and good morning text. You get the chocolate to calm your hormones in PMS. You get your late night conversations and you get all the love you deserve.

It’s like he knows what you need even before you realize it for yourself. He has this custom to do perfect things in perfect moments.

His timing is always right. He knows your needs, your desires, and your thoughts very well. Unlike keepers,: happily-ever-after guys put your needs in first place.

You are unable to push them away during your bad days because they understand.

What is it that they understand? Well, pretty much everything.

They understand you had a bad day and you don’t feel like talking. They understand you need a massage. They know sometimes you don’t want sex—you only need a hug and you want to cuddle. They get your imperfections but they still perceive you as the ‘perfect girl’.

They are unable to be scared and pushed away quietly. You either say out loud it’s over and give valid reasons or you’re being preached at for acting crazy.

There are no goodbyes you might regret.

And when you find this kind of guy—You better put a ring on him!

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That’s what I have in life. A put-a-ring-on-it, hubby-material, happily-ever-after guy that makes me thank God every day for sending him to me.

My boyfriend is better than yours because he understands me.

He’s better because he cares. He loves profoundly and does everything to make me smile.

He is just the most romantic soul in this world and he happens to be my boyfriend.

Between his career, family, friends and free time, I am the one who gets the most attention without even asking for it.

There is no putting each other in chains. There are no restrictions—only two people ready to walk together, shoulder to shoulder.

I see him as the best of the third version. That’s why he’s better than yours.