20 Physical Signs He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

20 Physical Signs He Is Sleeping With Someone Else

AVOIDING INTIMACY If your sex life has drastically changed recently – something is off.

LOOKING HIS BEST He’s going out of his way to impress the new woman in his life.

HIS PHONE IS YOUR BIGGEST CLUE A cheater will always hide his phone at all costs.

HE’S BUSY ALL THE TIME He still has the same 24 hours a day, and now he has to fit in this other person too.

UNUSUALLY ROMANTIC AND CARING He's feeling guilty, so this is a way to clear his conscience.

LYING ABOUT EVERYTHING You haven’t caught him lying about his infidelity, but you know he's lying about other things.

WORKING AFTER HOURS AND NO MONEY He says he’s working long hours, but he has never been poorer.

EVERYTHING ABOUT YOU ANNOYS HIM He sees you as an obstacle to having his happily ever after with the other woman.

If you suspect you're being cheated on, keep reading for more physical signs he is sleeping with someone else.