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These 3 Zodiac Signs Hold A Grudge FOREVER

These 3 Zodiac Signs Hold A Grudge FOREVER


Zodiac sign of Taurus

It’s no wonder you made it onto the list. You are the most stubborn sign of them all and you will hold a grudge forever. When someone steps on your toes, you will never forgive them. It wouldn’t be surprising if you had a little black book with names underlined in red to keep track of who did you wrong.

Actually, you want to forgive someone and accept their apology, but you are too stubborn and too proud to do sot.

Once someone makes you upset, you can even step on your pride and accept the apology, but you’re never going to trust that person again.


Zodiac sign of Leo

You are the absolute ruler of the world. If anyone does you wrong, they better turn around and run fast. They can forget about hanging out with you ever again. No one wants to piss off a lion.

Not only will you hold the grudge for so long, but you will also be very mean. It’s your defense mechanism.

You turn into an utterly bitchy person to protect yourself. Usually, you are very protective of others, but when you get hurt, you close up and create a mean surface to keep everyone out.

You are able to let go of the grudge, but the person who committed that crime will have to really prove themselves worthy of your attention to get back into the game.

But, actually, having a friend like you is worth suffering in order to get you back.


Zodiac sign of Libra

You will completely shut down anyone who insulted you in any way in your life. They won’t even get a chance to apologize because you are so skilled in making yourself invisible when you want.

You are also an Oscar-worthy actor. You can pretend like everything is fine and that you forgave that person, and then in a few days, you shove it all back in their face. You will never cool down and you can hold a grudge for eternity.

You have the ability to give someone the silent treatment until they crack—no one beats you at that game. Usually, you are very fair and logical, but when someone steps on your toes, you go berserk and you forget what is right and what is wrong. Even if you forgive someone, you will never forget.

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These 3 Zodiac Signs Hold A Grudge FOREVER