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About us

About us

Our vision is to help millennial females build self esteem; to support them in creating and keeping strong bonds between their families and friends; and to be a voice of reason when it comes to their relationships.

We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, so keep your heads up and remember—we are here for you in every step you take.

Meet our writers:

Amelia Prinn

Amelia Prinn writes about relationships and marriage from each possible angle. She’s passionate about helping others learn how to nurture their love without ignoring their own needs but also what kind of relationship behaviour should never be tolerated.

Christine Keller

Christine writes all kinds of amazing advice on how to thrive despite the struggles life puts you through. As a psychologist, she explores different kinds of personality types and shares all her knowledge with you, hoping it will help you handle everyday challenges.

Leah Lee

Leah Lee knows exactly how to get over a guy. Her experience as life-coach and a psychologist has taught her all the right things to do and say when it comes to trying to let go of someone and leave them in the past, but also how to behave in the meantime.

Ariel Quinn

If there’s anyone in this world who can truly find the right words to explain what love is, it’s Ariel. She helps women recognize spiritual and physical signs they’ve found their soulmate, and inspires them to remain patient while finding true love.

Amy Nicholson

Amy Nicholson knows all the questions you can ask your lover, your friend or a complete stranger. She makes it fun and she turns it into a game!

Owen Scott

Owen Scott gives a male perspective on love and relationships. As you know, every story has two sides and Owen tells his own.

Lorena Thomas

Lorena Thomas is a certified astrologer who always knows what the stars have in store for you. If you have a question, she will find the answer in astrology.

Inna Williams

Things that happen in bed reflect on those things that happen outside of it. Whether you are having casual sex or making love, our sex therapist and relationship consultant Inna Williams always has some hot tricks and tips to share.

Katie Burns

Katie thought of an intriguing way to help both men and women feel more fulfilled and easy in their relationships: she gives men advice on how to understand, seduce and treat women in a way that actually resonates with them. Brilliant, right?