About us

Our vision is to help millennial females build self esteem; to support them in creating and keeping strong bonds between their families and friends; and to be a voice of reason when it comes to their relationships.

We hope you’ll find what you’re looking for, so keep your heads up and rememberwe are here for you in every step you take.

Our authors: 

Leah Lee

Leah is a relationship expert who has dedicated her life to writing about the upsides and downsides of romantic relationships. She is also a self-trained writer who takes her experiences and puts them into words, solely for the purpose of helping people who are in situations she’s been through and learned about.

She wants to point out that every friendship plays an important role in people’s lives. She is guided by the thought: ‘You are worth the number of friends you have’, since that is one of the most valuable human relationships a person can have. She puts extra emphasis on the relationship among friends and those who grow to become more than friends. She is an expert on friend-zoning vs. romantic love. 

In addition, she has spent a great amount of time researching the importance of chemistry or lack of the same between two people and the impact chemistry has on the development of romantic love. 

If you want to read her work or ask for advice, contact her here.

Christine Keller

Christine didn’t choose her job, her job chose her. Although being a domestic violence counselor is not an easy calling, she puts the needs of others before her own. Through her work, she has firmly decided to lower the amount of emotional and physical abuse and try to save as many victims as possible.

She tackles all the bad sides of a relationship – emotional abuse, toxic relationships, physical abuse, fear of commitment and cheating – by exposing the reasons why people do it and reaching out deep into the psychology of toxic behavior. 

She does more than just offer solutions to relationship problems. In her kind and warm words, she is capable of giving consolation to women who had their hearts broken, women who loved the wrong men and were not loved back. 

In case you need her help or advice, you can contact her here. 

Maria Parker

Since Maria is a trained psychologist, she is aware of the painful process that every victim goes through and she tries to help them heal in ways only she knows. The level of her engagement in helping people heal is visible in the essence of her book, ‘On Getting Over A Narcissist’, where she put together her expert opinions, real-life stories and her personal thoughts.

The human mind is a place of mystery and a labyrinth she enjoys exploring. Why do people overthink? Why is every personality type so different? How to recognize mind games and overcome behavior disorders? By covering these themes, she is just revealing the tip of the iceberg of her expertise and knowledge.  

To her, every person matters and every life story is unique. That’s why her advice doesn’t just come from her knowledge but her heart as well. 

To reach her for a piece of advice, contact her here.  

April Callaghan

April gives a unique insight into what romantic love should be. If you ask her where romance begins, she will tell you, “Within ourselves,”—that’s why she gives a brand new and empowering perspective on the single phase in the life of every person. 

She knows that we are all searching for our other half, our soulmate, our twin flame, and she reveals the paths to our desired destination. 

Romantic love can come with a lot of messy situations and we don’t know how to pull ourselves out from them. That’s where she comes in. In her articles, she tries to reach out to those in need and help them solve their love problems. She writes what her heart commands her to write, which makes her stand out. 

Lorena Thomas

Lorena began her journey as a self-taught astrologer but decided to certify that knowledge later on, so she started to study the subject in the fall of 2002. 

Not only is she an astrologer but she also likes to dig into the world of spirituality a bit deeper than others. She takes her knowledge of the spiritual world and she transfers it on to anyone who reaches out to her. 

If you ask her, there is so much more to us than meets the eye; humans are cosmic beings who already have their paths mapped out and Lorena is there to read their map and give them directions to follow. 

She is interested in all aspects of astrology but her heart is set on love horoscopes, that’s why she found her place at Her Way. She wants to remind people that it’s not all in their hands, sometimes they just need to listen to their soul and trust in the stars. 

Martha Sullivan

While she was still a student, Martha started writing letters to her ex-boyfriend and she discovered that they are a form of therapy. Once she put her words on paper, she felt a huge sense of relief and she wanted to share that healing mantra with others. 

From that moment on, all she wanted to say to people she said through letters, paragraphs and stories. She has a lot of articles filled with quotes that she wanted to gather in one place for others to read. Her intent was to empower, inspire and amuse her readers. She knows that sometimes one perfect line can make a huge impact on people’s lives. 

While letters are her favorite way of addressing her audience, she naturally developed an interest in messages—texts to be more precise. So when you don’t know what to send to your better half, your friend or even your ex, browse through Martha’s selection of articles on that subject and you are good to go. 

Tara Brown 

Born in a small town, Tara has always lived a simple life. She began writing at a very young age and it was clear she was good at it from the beginning. Usually, she was known for standing up for others, even from a very young age, so it’s no wonder she’s an expert when it comes to self-love and confidence. 

Coming from a more modest community, she had no idea her writing would have such a huge impact on so many women following her now. Her words have reached many and helped even more.

Tara is a very confident young adult who is capable of changing for the better the way a woman thinks and accordingly acts upon. Her texts are filled with empowering words, or even more significantly put—she is the embodiment of girl power. 

Selma June

Selma is a licensed relationship expert who knows both sides of the story. She doesn’t just give a female insight into romantic relationships but male as well. By researching and studying human behavior, she is well aware of how both men and women function, why they do certain things and what triggers certain actions.

She understands that every woman is unique and that’s why she has a special approach to the different types of women she mentions in her writings. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gypsy soul, a hippy girl, a caring woman, a hot mess, an alpha or a single mom, she has a few paragraphs stored for everyone. 

As for men, she knows all the colors they hide, too. Emotionally unavailable, immature, mama’s boys, players or even the good guys who are just broken— she knows them all. But not to think she only deals with the bad ones, she also has a few things to say about the mature ones too. 

All in all, she knows bad or good behavior in a relationship when she sees one and more importantly, she knows how to explain it.  

Amy Nicholson

Having experience all the way through high school with handling truth or dare questions, Amy is a real expert in knowing exactly what and who to ask. Only this time, she has taken the spoken word and has poured it out on paper.

Now, you have everything in one place. Do you want to seduce with dirty talk? Or maybe you want to impress someone by telling them something incredibly sweet? Do you want to get a secret out of your friend?

Without a doubt, this writer will give you exactly what you need to make your evening even more fun and interesting. 

Inna Williams

In the words of our sex therapist and relationship consultant Inna: “While sex is not the most important part of the relationship, it’s an integral part. If it’s good, you have nothing to worry about but if it’s bad, you have a problem. Although, nothing is unsolvable.”

Well, even if everything goes like clockwork, there are always some new things to learn and ideas to gather together to spice things up a bit in the bedroom. Inna Williams takes us on a journey, explaining all the dirty details you’re embarrassed to ask. 

Can sex reveal someone’s true intentions? It most certainly can. Casual sex vs. making love and dirty obsessions vs. intimacy become more clear when Inna explains it. 

Owen Scott

Who better than a man to explain to women what men do and why? You’d think it was very complicated but in essence, it’s not. Owen is here to show you that not all men are bad and how to stay away from those who are. 

Owen is particularly keen on women and he has the need to protect them physically but also through his written word. Because what’s a better way to reach out to the masses than by sharing your thoughts in one place for everyone to see?

He is also brutally honest and he will point out all those things women don’t want to hear, like things they are doing to sabotage their own chances of finding true love. Owen’s way of observing the male-female relationship is a treasure every woman should cherish.