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130 Beautiful And Classy Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

130 Beautiful And Classy Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

The back is one of the best locations on the body if you want a large tattoo, especially for women. Female bodies are typically narrower than male bodies, so tattoos with many details aren’t always possible.

For this reason, if you want a large piece of body art, your back is the first place you should consider. You can cover your entire back in ink or choose one of the smaller back tattoo designs that can give you a unique charm.

When creating a design, it’s best to work with your tattoo artist. It’s good to have an idea of what you like before you visit, so a little bit of research is a good choice.

Here are 130 back tattoo ideas for women that will inspire you and help you decide on your next tattoo.

Feminine Back Tattoo Ideas For Women

If you’re looking for back tattoo designs, look no further. In this collection of 130 best back tattoos, you can find a variety of back tattoo ideas for women. This gallery includes lower-back tattoos, upper-back tattoos, full-back tattoos and spine tattoos.

1. Feminine floral design tattoo

This detailed tattoo follows the lines of the wearer’s body perfectly and emphasizes the beauty of her form.

Tattoo by Rémy.B

2. Mandala back tattoo and matching sleeve

The sleeve and the back piece match perfectly.

Tattoo by Keegan Sweeney

3. Unique feminine design

A beautifully done unique design.

Tattoo by Alisha Gory

4. Lotus flower upper-back tattoo

In East Asian cultures, the lotus flower represents beauty and purity. This tattoo definitely does this magnificent flower justice.

Tattoo by Anna Yershova

5. Decorative upper-back design

The elegance of this piece is everything you could want in a female back tattoo.

Tattoo by Sam Carter

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6. Medusa full-back tattoo

Even though this full-back piece is one of the most awesome tattoo ideas you’ll come across, body art of this size definitely isn’t for everyone.

Tattoo by Oozy

7. Women’s feminine full-back tattoo

Women’s feminine full-back tattoos are always wonderfully detailed pieces and this one is no exception.

Tattoo by Jack Peppiette

8. Feminine neck tattoo

This type of body art is a popular choice for feminine tattoos that cover the neck and the upper back because it looks natural and pretty.

Tattoo by Sam Carter

9. Unique full-back design tattoo

The unexpected blend of softness and geometry is one of the more unique female tattoo ideas you’ll find.

Tattoo by Jessica Svartvit

10. Colorful bird tattoo

Strength and vulnerability are the main focus of this lovely piece.

Tattoo by Alberto Cuerva

11. Powerful phoenix tattoo

The shape of the bird complements the wearer’s body lines and the vibrant colors stand out.

Tattoo by Vasily Suvorov and Katryn Tol

12. Floral spine tattoo

Lovely and sharp at the same time.

Tattoo by Koray Karagozler

13. Red and black rose tattoo

The intense red color of the roses and the purposeful black strokes make this tattoo feel powerful.

Tattoo by Dynoz.artattack

14. Freedom watercolor tattoo

A released bird soaring in the sky is one of the spiritual tattoo ideas everyone can relate to because it symbolizes freedom.

Tattoo by Jakub Zítka

15. Snake floral tattoo

A magnificent snake spine tattoo.

Tattoo by Sashatattooing

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16. Cute spine tattoo

Lovely spine tattoo representing the solar system, with a bonus tiny Aries symbol.

Tattoo by WAZ

17. Bird spreading wings tattoo

Wings spread in flight containing a whole galaxy – an interesting concept and a fantastic execution.

Tattoo by Ben Klishevskiy

18. Colorful upper-back tattoo

The elements of this tattoo clearly show that it’s personal and meaningful to the wearer.

Tattoo by Yeliz Ozcan

19. Full-back angel wings

Full-back angel wing tattoos for females that follow the natural shape of the body.

Tattoo by Hevesi Barnabás

20. Antique birds tattoo

A tattoo with a lot of depth, visually and in terms of meaning.

Tattoo by Arielle Gagnon

21. Thumper shoulder tattoo

Small tattoos for women are always popular because they’re cute, and looking at them will make you happy.

Tattoo by Pu-reum

22. Colorful mandala

The contrast between soft transitions between the smudges of color and the sharp black lines results in an eye-catching tattoo.

Tattoo by Pablo Ortiz

23. Heart tree back tattoo

A heart carved into a tree – meaningful and pretty.

Tattoo by Simona Blanar

24. Minimalist geometric tattoo

An abstract moment caught forever.

Tattoo by Frank Carrilho

25. Graphic wave tattoo

The bold brushstrokes in this tattoo are a powerful statement of determination.

Tattoo by Richard Blackstar

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26. Garden of Eden back piece tattoo

One of the most intricate and beautiful full-back tattoos for women.

Tattoo by Kyle Stacher

27. Galaxy tattoo

A tiny spaceship speeding across the galaxy.

Tattoo by Beynur Kaptan

28. 3D Lotus tattoo

The artistry of this work makes it seem like a flower emerged from the center of the back.

Tattoo by Maris Pavlo

29. Sun flower spine tattoo

Vibrant and optimistic.

Tattoo by Lisette Martinez

30. Lower-back wreath tattoo

An elegant and classy feminine lower-back tattoo.

Tattoo by Zihwa Hongdae

31. Uncommon full-back tattoo

The meaning of this tattoo for the wearer is impossible to know, but the visual effect is striking.

Tattoo by Artem Korobov

32. Peacock feather tattoo

Shoulder tattoos for women are popular for a good reason – this colorful feather is a lovely detail that adds charm.

Tattoo by Carlos Breakone

33. Back of the neck koi fish tattoo

Koi fish is a good choice when looking for meaningful small back tattoos for females: they bring good luck and signify perseverance.

Tattoo by kristiachristie

34. Ouroboros tattoo

Ouroboros is one of the most meaningful lower-back tattoos for females: it signifies wholeness and infinity.

Tattoo by Ryan Hammel

35. Architecture tattoo

When looking for unique tattoo ideas, turning to other types of art can provide inspiration.

Tattoo by Lahhel

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36. Colorful heart tattoo

Vibrant colors and geometric shapes make this tattoo unusual and compelling.

Tattoo by Carlos Breakone

37. Realistic flower tattoo

Realistic design ideas like this flower seem impossible until you see them done.

Tattoo by Jamie Schene

38. A floral scene tattoo

The soft colors make this beautiful tattoo lovely, but the way it envelops the wearer’s shape also makes it a sexy tattoo idea.

Tattoo by Lincoln Lima

39. Blue flower spine tattoo

This pretty flower shows how decorative women’s feminine spine tattoos can be.

Tattoo by Th.Ink

40. Embroidered flower-back tattoo

The embroidery effect achieved in this tattoo seems incredible, but a good tattoo artist can create anything you can imagine.

Tattoo by Ksu Arrow

41. Meaningful girly tattoo

Cute tattoos for girls can also be very meaningful, such as this one, incorporating names of the wearer’s loved ones into the design.

Tattoo by Marya Tyurpeko

42. Vibrant floral tattoo

This tattoo looks incredible when framed by an open-back top.

Tattoo by Pis Saro

43. Floral shoulder tattoo

Your shoulder blade is a great spot for a pretty tattoo.

Tattoo by Koray Karagozler

44. Stag with cherry blossom antlers

This neck tattoo is small but compelling.

Tattoo by Koray Karagozler

45. Unique upper-back tattoo

The choice of colors for this tattoo alone makes it impressive.

Tattoo by Marya Tyurpeko

46. Spine snake tattoo

Spine tattoos for women don’t have to be large – this tiny snake is as effective.

Tattoo by Zihee

47. Fox shoulder tattoo

A cute fox in vibrant colors.

Tattoo by Anna Yershova

48. Wolf tattoo

The galaxy pattern gives this wolf portrait tattoo an otherworldly feeling.

Tattoo by Adrian Bascur

49. Feminine lace neck tattoo

When it comes to back-of-the-neck tattoos for women, this detailed work must be one of the prettiest.

Tattoo by Ellemental Tattoos

50. American traditional back tattoo

It’s rare to see classic American-style full-back tattoos for women, but they’re possible and can look very exciting.

Tattoo by Kristian Vendler

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51. Galaxy bird tattoo

Attractive blues give this tattoo a refreshing feeling.

Tattoo by Marya Tyurpeko

52. Floral green and red spine tattoo

The intensity of the colors in this tattoo doesn’t clash with the wearer’s skin tone but flatters it.

Tattoo by Erick Andrade

53. Stunning floral tattoo

A sexy back tattoo in gorgeous colors.

Tattoo by Natasha Lisova

54. Watercolor skyline tattoo

Simple back tattoos can be enriched with a splash of color in the background.

Tattoo by Brandon Bec

55. Simple underwater tattoo

A small back tattoo done in a lovely style.

Tattoo by Violeta Arús

56. Lion back tattoo

The impression this tattoo gives is one of wisdom and power.

Tattoo by AdithSetya

57. Lioness back tattoo

Regal lioness with an unwavering gaze.

Tattoo by Júlio Loureiro

58. Lace detail tattoo

The combination of lace and flowers results in sexy back tattoos for women.

Tattoo by Micah Riot

59. Intricate full-back tattoo

This is a common pattern in tattoo designs for women, but it’s rarely seen in this large size.

Tattoo by Family Ink Tattoo

60. Feminine spine tattoo

A simple but compelling spine tattoo idea.

Tattoo by Rose Cardinal

61. Geometric tattoo

Interesting tattoo ideas for the upper back can be found anywhere, but it’s good to put your own spin on them.

Tattoo by Tim Mueller

62. 3D butterfly tattoo

This butterfly is about to soar.

Tattoo by Rob Green

63. Lower-back Bambi tattoo

Lower-back tattoos for women can be elegant and sexy or cute like this one.

Tattoo by Seyoon Kim

64. Detailed decorative tattoo

A layered design that matches the style of the wearer.

Tattoo by Otheser

65. Tribal tattoo design

Center of the back design that isn’t quite a spine tattoo.

Tattoo by Martynas Snioka

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66. Branch spine tattoo

An elegant spine tattoo idea for nature lovers.

Tattoo by Pis Saro

67. Bunny tattoo

A cute back tattoo of a cuddly bunny.

Tattoo by Zihwa Hongdae

68. Colorful shoulder tattoo

Small back tattoos can be very effective when they include unexpected details, like the colors in this bunny rabbit tattoo.

Tattoo by Sasha Unisex

69. Back butterfly tattoo

Butterfly tattoos are often small, so this large one is unusual and impressive.

Tattoo by Adam Chiodo

70. Butterflies on the shoulder

This tattoo of a flutter of butterflies flying together like balloons on strings clearly has a meaning for the wearer.

Tattoo by Led Coult

71. Dragon back tattoo

Dragon tattoos are popular, but seeing one in this style is uncommon.

Tattoo by Martynas Šnioka

72. Corset tattoo

A feminine and sexy tattoo.

Tattoo by Ryan Ashley Malarkey

73. Galaxy rose back tattoo

The stars of the rose galaxy seem to sparkle like the real thing.

Tattoo by David Boggins

74. Crane and flowers tattoo

Gorgeous and poignant.

Tattoo by David Mushaney

75. Moon phases spine tattoo

Even though they’re one of the most popular designs for female spine tattoos, moon phases tattoos can always be personalized just for you.

Tattoo by Merigoldtattoo

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76. Cute neck tattoo

Cute small tattoos are perfect for the back of your neck.

Tattoo by Graffittoo

77. Intense compass tattoo

A unique tattoo with an intense mood.

Tattoo by Inez Janiak

78. Black and white lotus tattoo

Lotus flowers are a popular choice for back tattoos, but the style used on this one makes it special.

Tattoo by Inez Janiak

79. Fairy tale castle tattoo

A piece of art on your back.

Tattoo by Uncl Paul Knows

80. Dolphins tattoo

Dolphins are a good luck symbol and beautiful addition to your shoulder blade tattoo design.

Tattoo by Pis Saro

81. Dragonfly spine tattoo

Instead of a dragon spine tattoo, have you considered a dragonfly spine tattoo? It’s uncommon and impressive.

Tattoo by Mirco Campioni

82. Dreamcatcher tattoo

A dream catcher tattoo is one of the most popular female spiritual tattoos.

Tattoo by Emilio Winter

83. Meaningful shoulder tattoo

This shoulder tattoo is meaningful and touching.

Tattoo by Andrés Acosta

84. Fern spine tattoo

A pretty and girly spinal tattoo design.

Tattoo by Olga Nekrasova

85. Floral heart tattoo

This lovely floral heart is one of the cutest tattoo designs for girls.

Tattoo by Diana Severinenko

86. Fox back tattoo

The wise fox looks amazing in the center of the back.

Tattoo by Diana Severinenko

87. Colorful fox shoulder tattoo

Cute little shoulder tattoos can carry a lot of meaning as well.

Tattoo by Martynas Šnioka

88. Minimalist back tattoo

The lines of this minimalist tattoo give off a futuristic impression.

Tattoo by Daniel Matsumoto

89. Impressive back piece

This upper back tattoo perfectly complements the wearer and looks amazing.

Tattoo by Kieran Williams

90. Guitar spine tattoo

This is a unique spinal tattoo design because it’s personalized and meaningful.

Tattoo by Rodrigo Tas

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91. Jellyfish back tattoo

This incredible design has become a part of the back and is slowly creeping forward.

Tattoo by Chaim Machlev

92. Flower shoulder tattoo

A beautiful back tattoo done in colors that fit the wearer wonderfully.

Tattoo by Ryan Smith

93. Flower in the wind tattoo

Flowers are common in tattoos for girls, but they can be done in so many different ways that they never get old.

Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues

94. Powerful bird tattoo

A beautiful female back tattoo that showcases lightness and strength.

Tattoo by Alisa Tesla

95. Horse back tattoo

A galloping horse becomes one with the canvas that is the wearer’s body.

Tattoo by Tayfun Bezgin

96. Small back tattoo

This small tattoo tells a story using nothing but negative space and black ink.

Tattoo by Balazs Bercsenyi

97. Heart mandala

This curious mandala consists of heart shapes.

Tattoo by Boni Lucena Quathrö

98. Gothic back tattoo

A very intense and intricate tattoo design significant to the wearer.

Tattoo by Fredão Oliveira

99. Poppy back tattoo

A simple lower-back tattoo done in vibrant colors.

Tattoo by Antonina Troshina

100. Delicate mandala tattoo

This delicate and almost lace-like pattern looks lovely in the center of the back.

Tattoo by Sergey Anuchin

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101. Roses and cross tattoo

A cross back tattoo is common, and pairing on with flowers gives you a women’s feminine cross tattoo.

Tattoo by Florin Migendt

102. Lace heart tattoo

Cute back tattoos for women like this can be colorful or black and white, depending on your preference.

Tattoo by Kristi Walls

103. Mickey and Minnie tattoo

Beloved characters are always a fun choice.

Tattoo by Giahi Tattoo

104. Stylized moon phases

This interpretation of moon phases is eye-catching and unusual.

Tattoo by Justin Nordine

105. Mandala with chandelier necklace

The pattern and the dangling beads together create lovely back tattoos for girls.

Tattoo by Andy MA

106. Paper crane tattoo

A paper crane symbolizes honor, good fortune and longevity.

Tattoo by Inez Janiak

107. Tribal back tattoo

A large pattern is used to create this sexy tattoo design.

Tattoo by Yanina Viland

108. Colorful butterfly tattoo

This special butterfly is done in a pointillist style.

Tattoo by Pedro Contessoto

109. Elephant back tattoo

This tattoo gives an impression of easy strength and patience.

Tattoo by Pis Saro

110. Neck collar tattoo

Beautiful and feminine back-of-the-neck tattoo.

Tattoo by Cats

111. Realistic floral tattoo

Lovely realistic flowers cover a large portion of the upper back.

Tattoo by Liz Venom

112. Lower-back tentacle and flower tattoo

Tattoos for the lower back can extend to the front to create an interesting design.

Tattoo by Manu Farrarons

113. Flowers spine tattoo

This tattoo looks elegant and powerful.

Tattoo by Kelly Violet

114. Cherry blossom branch tattoo

Feminine back tattoos that extend towards the hairline look especially sophisticated.

Tattoo by Line Hammett

115. Vertical mandala tattoo

This pattern stands out because of its vertical shape.

Tattoo by Matt Stopps

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116. One-sided back tattoo

Because it’s only on one side of the back, this tattoo is mysterious and intriguing.

Tattoo by Manu Farrarons

117. Tulip spine tattoo

This placement is great for any type of flower you like, so in addition to this tulip, you can also get an orchid or rose spine tattoo if that’s what you prefer.

Tattoo by Pis Saro

118. Fiery rose tattoo

The flames make this tattoo seem particularly dynamic.

Tattoo by Zihee

119. Realistic rose tattoo

This three-dimensional design of a rose would appeal to many people.

Tattoo by Andrey Lukovnikov

120. Blossoming branch tattoo

A beautiful design in contrasting colors.

Tattoo by Felipe Rodrigues

121. Hebrew quote tattoo

Baddie women’s feminine spine tattoos often include words or quotes, but if you want to mix it up a little, pick a language or script you don’t see often.

Tattoo by Berat Bumin

122. Geometry and butterfly tattoo

A cute and sharp design.

Tattoo by Koray Karagözler

123. Galaxy tattoo

Design in bold colors that spans the entire upper back.

Tattoo by Koray Karagözler

124. Geometric tattoo

A mesmerizing geometric design.

Tattoo by Frank Carrilho

125. Painterly flower tattoo

This style makes it seem like the tattoo was done in oil paint instead of ink.

Tattoo by Sasha Katsan

126. Birds shoulder tattoo

Birds in flight are the stars of this dynamic tattoo.

Tattoo by Viland Art Mod

127. Whale tattoo

A whale rising up seems to have significance for the wearer.

Tattoo by Adrian Bascur

128. Feather spine tattoo

A single feather looks sophisticated as a spine tattoo.

Tattoo by Elizabeth Markov

129. Colorful wings tattoo

Wings on the back always look amazing, whether they belong to an angel or a bird of paradise.

Tattoo by Jessica Damasceno

130. Colorful wolf tattoo

The colors in this tattoo are harmonious and striking.

Tattoo by Adrian Bascur

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In Closing

The best tattoo ideas are your own – those that show your story and personality. But no idea appears from thin air, and everyone needs inspiration. There are more possibilities in the world of ink than you might be familiar with, so please explore all your options until you find a good tattoo for yourself.

This extensive list of back tattoo ideas for women contains many styles, aesthetics and designs to help you find something that works for you. When you find something you like, your tattoo artist can help you adapt it for yourself.

I know my favorite; can you find yours?