Bad things happen to everyone and they especially happen to good people. Bad things happened to you as well. When you were a little kid, you thought that kindness and goodness were always rewarded so you thought you just needed to be your best self and you’d avoid everything bad in life. But as you grew older, you saw that sadly, that was not how life worked.

You saw that not all people are essentially as good as you thought. You saw that there were some who were going to hurt you and take advantage of you, no matter how well you treated them. You saw that sometimes things that you didn’t deserve would happen to you. But it took you a while before you understood this.

Before you finally realized this, you went through a lot and you were hurt too many times. You weren’t cautious about who you let into your life so you ended up disappointed more than once. You ended up being hurt by the people whom you least expected to cause you pain. You ended up being taken advantage of when all you wanted was to give your best self to someone. And you didn’t know why that was. You had never done anyone any harm but still, you were the one who always ended up in emotional pain while the people who hurt you and others seem to get away with it.

Well, let me tell you that you are not alone in this. I hate to break it to you but life is not perfect and it never will be. And you won’t meet only good and perfect people on your way, as much as you try to be perfect. Instead, there will be different kinds of people coming and going from your life. You’ll meet some who you will wish you had never met. There will be toxic and manipulative people who never deserved a chance in your life.

But if you are smart enough, you’ll learn from those people as well. You’ll learn what kind of person you should never become. You’ll learn that you can’t save everyone, no matter how much you care for them. Instead, sometimes, those toxic people will only drag you down to their own level and you won’t accomplish anything. You’ll learn that some people don’t deserve to have a place in your life and that there is nothing wrong with saying, “No,” to those people. You’ll learn that sometimes, the only option you have is to cut someone out of your life, no matter how important you think that person is to you and no matter how close you are to them. You’ll learn that sometimes the closest people to you, including your close friends and family members, are the ones who cause you the most harm and that you need to stay away from them if you want to be really happy.

Yes, bad things will continue happening to you and there is nothing you can do about it. You simply can’t impact everyone around you nor can you impact everything that life will put you through. But what you can impact is your behavior toward everything that is going on with you.

What you need to understand is that everything that is happening in your life is just a phase and it’s only temporary. You are only going THROUGH some things, which means you’ll get out of them stronger than everything that is bringing you down. Because sometimes we think that losing some people or going through some things is the worst thing that can happen to us but it actually turns out to be our toughest lesson and the best thing that could ever happen. Sometimes, our biggest defeat turns out to be our most glorious victory.

You can choose whether you will cry over your lousy destiny or you’ll use everything that has happened to you as a new experience. Will you look at all your life mistakes as defeats or will you see them as opportunities to learn? Will you see everything that has happened to you as bad luck or as an opportunity to improve? Will you allow all the bad things you went through to hold you back or will you see them as an opportunity to grow as a person and as an individual?

Well, the choice is only yours.