You know, I have to say it’s such a shame that someone has to remind you of the value of the woman you have next to you. It’s such a shame you forgot it. And it’s an even bigger shame you started taking for granted a woman you used to love and you used to appreciate.

It has been a long time and someone obviously needs to remind you of all the things you have next to you since you’ve obviously forgotten. You need a wake up call because you don’t get to treat a woman who’s got nothing but love and support for you like you’ve been doing.

See, this woman has fallen head over heels for you. She’s been like this from the moment she met you. You know what else? She’d do anything for you and your happiness. She’s even forgotten about herself and her needs because she’s too preoccupied with trying to make you happy.

When she said for better or for worse, she really meant it. Unlike you, she was really serious about it. She took her promise as something she must do. She feels like she must take care of her love even if it means being the one to do it alone. Why else would she accept being the only one dragging your relationship forward?

The catch is, nobody knows for how long she’s going to be able to do so. Nobody knows at what point of your lives will her strength fade away and at what point will she be obliged to give up on you, even though she doesn’t want to.

So, this is your wake up call. This is an attempt to open your eyes and remind you of all the earthly gifts you have in your life.

Have you heard the story about John and Jane? No? Well, you’re about to hear it now.

You see, Jane and John have been together for the longest time. In the very beginning, they were one of those perfect couples. They enjoyed their honeymoon phase of relationship and stuck by each other’s side even when that phase was over.

But over the years, John kind’ve got fed up with Jane. She no longer spent so much time doing her make-up and choosing the best outfit. She even gained a little weight and somehow it seemed to him that she started nagging too much and complaining too much. She looked miserable almost all the time. He was the one working and all she had to do was take care of the house and the kids, but she acted as if she was working harder than him and on top of it all, she constantly asked him to help her around the house.

After a while, John met another woman, let’s call her Rachel, and he started seeing her. He spent more and more time with her and he was charmed by her looks, and how positive and happy she was. He showered her with his attention and eventually, he left Jane for her.

See, Jane was devastated. She was literally heartbroken. She was mad. How could he replace her and everything they had built together for someone who had just recently shown up in his life? But she didn’t say a word. She didn’t beg him to stay. She didn’t stalk him. She just wished him the best of luck and moved on with her life. She devoted as much time as she could to be the best mom to her kids and she was indeed an amazing role model.

John travelled with Rachel, took her out, bought her flowers, wrote her adorable love paragraphs, and made sure they had a romantic date at least once a week. They were madly in love and they enjoyed their time together. Rachel was everything Jane stopped being a long time ago. Even the kids loved Rachel and spent time with her, but Jane couldn’t bring herself to meet her.

Jane was emotionally unavailable and se stayed single for a long time. This was an obvious confirmation of the feelings she had for John. But she never asked him to get back together with her. Little by little, she started building her life without John and she started relying on herself again.

Soon, John’s honeymoon phase with Rachel ended, too. Fights began to arise and they started fighting even on the smallest things. Fight after fight, the bad times started to get them down and eventually, things fell apart. And the moment, he lost Rachel, John started thinking not about her, but about Jane. He started thinking what kind of a life he could’ve had if he had only realized in time what he had had next to him.

He knew that if he had given as much time to Jane as he had given to Rachel, if he had treated Jane with the same affection and love as he did Rachel, if he had invested more time in their relationship and if he hadn’t let her do all the things alone, she wouldn’t have been so miserable. Only when his whole world fell apart did he see how much Jane had loved him and how much she had meant to him. But it was too late.

He had already missed most of his kids’ life and all the important dates because he had given it to the wrong person. Sure, he spent weekends with them, but he wasn’t there when they learned to ride their bikes, nor when they had their first heartbreaks, nor when they had the flu. But what stung him the most was the realization that he had lost Jane and that he had lost her for good.

See, by the time it hit him what a great woman Jane was, she had already moved on. She had waited a long time for him to come to his senses. When she saw he was serious with Rachel, she wished him the best of luck and started working on herself. She devoted herself fully to her kids and herself. She no longer expected help from anybody and she learned she could only rely on herself. She realized she needed to be strong because your strength makes you choose your partner wisely. When she got happier and when she got her life back on track, she attracted one amazing man. He waited until she was ready and they kicked it off together. But this man never made the same mistake John did. From the beginning, he knew the worth of his woman and he never took her for granted.

He gave her all she needed. Hell, he gave her more. He gave her his time, efforts, love, affection and everything else he was able to. If she asked, he’d give her the world. He did everything to make her smile. He loved hearing her laugh and that’s when John lost her totally. He lost her, when someone else made his woman happy.

What’s the point in telling you this story? Well, I hope you learn from other people’s mistakes. I hope John is an example of what to do if you want to ruin a chance to have a perfect life.

Look around—there are plenty of men who’re taking their women for granted. There are a lot of men who realize what they have only when they lose it. Some of them get a second chance, but most of them don’t.

See, if you lose your woman, she might be gone forever. Someone else might give her his time, love, affection and support—all the important things you withheld from her for a long time. And when someone else makes her happy, it will be too late for you to even try anything. She’ll be long gone.

There you go. This is your wake up call. This is your last chance to get back on track and fix everything you’ve broken so far. It’s your time to take a pause in your life and think about what kind of a woman you have next to you.

If your woman is caring, loving, if she’s loyal and honest and if she’s trying so hard for you, then she deserves at least that much in return. And know that if you’re not willing to give her all of that, one day, someone else will. Do it while you still have the chance, while you still haven’t lost her.

Instead of taking her for granted, appreciate all the things she does for you. Because I promise you, if you won’t, someone else will.