Have you ever heard about the universal laws of love?

Did you know that you could easily go about attracting a specific person using these very simple law of attraction techniques?

The love of your life could be awaiting your call—you just never knew how to manifest them!

Limiting beliefs are the main cause of romantic downfalls.

The secret to finding your soulmate and being truly at peace in your romantic relationship is in finding a vibrational match that is perfectly in sync with you.

It’s all about simple daily affirmations and ridding your mind of negative thoughts.

Law of attraction techniques only work if the person is willing to truly listen and forget about everything they thought they knew about how the law of attraction works.

I bet that you’ve been through your fair share of ups and downs, and every new relationship feels like a challenging task that you’re just not up to.

And letting go of every one of the breakups feels like a new yet strong kick in the gut.

The feeling of love isn’t supposed to make you feel like that.

One person should never cause you so much pain and struggle.

But the sad reality of the whole human population is that it does occur.

woman looking away at window

We all have free will to consciously make smart decisions for ourselves, but we end up heartbroken, aching, and emotionally empty.

Having been on social media for far too long also deteriorates your views on self-love and not even your best friend can convince you of how worthy and fantastic you really are.

The first time you start seeing yourself the way your loved ones see you is one step closer to finding yourself again.

The first time you manifest the love you deserve is one step closer to recognizing your self-worth.

You can’t keep working on getting your toxic ex back and simultaneously complain about not finding love.

In this particular instance, it’s entirely on you!

Empty your life of all past traumas and tears and look ahead.

There are so many ways you’re sabotaging your own happiness that can be completely turned into positives.

Do you want to know why you’ve been feeling so sick of love lately and how you can change it all with a simple switch in your brain?

If so, keep reading. This is for you. Manifesting love has never been this easy.

Why Can’t You Find Love?

lonely woman sitting alone

Finding that one specific person who’s going to make you feel like you’re floating on clouds isn’t as easy as you wish it to be.

The law of attraction has strict rules one needs to abide by if they’re adamant in finding a life partner that clicks with them on every vibrational level.

The first thing you need to do is open your eyes and get rid of your romantic tunnel vision.

Feeling hopeless is directly linked to your negative thoughts that aren’t letting you widen your horizons and truly see love for what it is.

It’s only natural to battle loneliness and depressive thoughts every now and again. 

You yearn to find your soulmate, but in order to manifest love, you need to truly have faith that the law of attraction will do its trick!

Do you feel like you’re all alone in this endless universe and that there’s no hope for you to find what you’re looking for?

Have you stopped believing the vibes another person is giving off because it’s more simple to self-sabotage than to trust the process and find self-love along the way?

These could be the reasons why:

Your subconscious mind has put up a defense mechanism.

In order to shield yourself from further pain and heartache, your brain mechanism has preemptively decided to cope with your future misfortune by shutting you off from love.

And now, your first instinct is to run away from prospective love relationships which immediately makes it impossible for you to finally become a success story.

Instead of focusing on endless possibilities and manifesting the relationship you deserve, you’ve cut yourself off from any opportunity of ever experiencing it.

woman with coffee cup sitting in a trendy cafe coffee shop

Your body lives in the present, but your mind still belongs to the past.

This is the most common cause of romantic struggles and difficulties in finding your one.

My story began just like that, before finally realizing the power of being able to attract a person with the law of attraction. 

If you’re still dead set on living your life partly in the past, good luck being able to find happiness in the present.

Naturally, you need to cut ties with the past before being truly prepared to face your current reality.

You cannot preoccupy your brain with unfinished business from the past while in pursuit of a love story for the ages.

Deal with your past, and move on with a clean slate.

You’re no longer committed to finding the best type of love for yourself and are willing to settle for ”okay”.

sad woman deep in thoughts

In translation—you’ve lost faith in yourself.

You no longer care to fulfill your heart the way it deserves, and you are only looking to find somebody okay as opposed to somebody RIGHT for you.

And that’s the biggest mistake you can make in your love life.

If you don’t have faith in your capabilities, who will?

Find that lost faith, and search within yourself to figure out what’s causing you to sabotage your life.

Only then will you be able to manifest a specific person and finally find your one.

Wondering how to create your own happiness?

This is how you can start manifesting a specific person using the law of attraction, but only if you truly commit yourself to maintaining this.

This is not something you can half-ass—either you’re invested or it’s not going to work.

Now think of a specific person you wish to create a success story with and live by these rules from today on.

The most important factor in manifesting a specific person is internalizing that you need to create a genuine intention.

No lying to yourself. Finding a vibrational match to your own is a task to behold.

 woman standing staring out of a window

To find what you’re looking for, you must be in sync with what the other person is radiating into the world.

To attract your soulmate (the specific person you have in mind as you’re reading this), you need to put yourself in a situation where you attract what you give out.

Do you see now how crucially vital it is to be self-aware and present in your life?

Do you understand now why you need to stop holding one leg in the past and fully enter through the door to your present?

God himself won’t be able to help you find what you’re looking for until you clear your mind of all self-sabotaging thoughts and put trust in your own abilities and qualities.

Have genuine intention, and stick to it. Believe that you can do this, and don’t put yourself down.

You are your own worst enem,y and it’s time you started being your own best friend.

Only then will you be able to find, attract, and preserve the love you know you’re entitled to. 

This is how you start manifesting a specific person with the help of the law of attraction:

Step One: Set realistic expectations and design your life accordingly

couple sitting on stairs and drinking coffee

This step is going to help you realize what you actually can achieve and what you need to let go of.

It’s also going to bring you a step closer to self-realization as you’ll be faced with some much-needed introspection along the way.

First, visualize what it is that you want for yourself, and set realistic expectations regarding it.

Who is this specific person you want to spend your forever with?

What qualities define them, and how do they match your idea of an ideal partner?

Once you’ve chosen this person to win over to your side, there’s no changing your mind, so you need to be sure you’re on the same frequency.

Now that you’ve sorted it out, you need to figure out what it is about that specific person that makes you believe they are your ideal partner?

How will their presence in your life increase your chances of happiness and bring you the serenity you’re in need of?

And to get to the bottom of this, you must honestly and genuinely answer the following questions:

How would you describe your most sought-after redeeming qualities in a partner?

Which qualities in a desired partner do you believe will help bring out the best in you and make you a better person by association?

What are you adamant never to tolerate from a romantic partner ever again?

couple cuddling at home

What is the way in which you DESIRE to be treated, and do you believe this specific person can offer you that?

Are you going to be able to be open and honest about your raw emotions and deepest fears with this person?

Will you be able to share your life goals with this person?

Will you allow them to follow you on your journey hand in hand?

Have you been able to answer these questions to the best of your ability?

Do you believe this to be achievable through hard work and effort on your part?

The law of attraction experts suggest creating vision boards which will help you achieve your goals.

The secret to being successful in this is simply to take it one step at a time.

Don’t rush into anything. Don’t force your mind to feel a certain way.

If it isn’t there, wait for it to happen organically.

You need to be in sync with your deepest emotions, and your mind needs to be on your side.

If this specific person is meant to be for you, it’s going to happen sooner or later.

The trick is to be realistic in your expectations, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure.

There are universal laws on love, and if this is in the cards for you, they are going to help you with your mission, as long as you follow the necessary steps along the way.

Step Two: Learn to love yourself before connecting with your other half

beautiful young woman smelling sunflower

In being able to successfully manifest love with a specific person, self-love plays a crucial role that if ignored, has the ability to rain on your parade.

Law of attraction techniques are here to help guide you in the right direction to avoid this unfortunate instance and rid you of your tunnel vision once and for all.

Negative thoughts don’t belong in your head anymore.

Self-deprecation and putting yourself down for being human need to go out the door and never find their way back.

You attract what you think you deserve!

And doesn’t that say it all, really?

It’s time to stop tolerating shitty behavior.

It’s time to stop letting toxic people walk all over you and making you think you don’t deserve any better.

Stop letting other people tell you how to feel about yourself.

The law of attraction only works if the person is ready and rid of all their demons.

Connect with yourself again by letting go of all the people making you feel unworthy and low.

Find your inner joy after distancing yourself from the people causing you anxiety and depression.

The love is there; it’s just deeply buried.

Dig within your soul, and let it all out.

Re-establish the self-love you lost, and never let it vanish from your mind ever again.

beautiful brunette young woman

Here is how you can achieve just that:

Work on being the kind of person you wish to meet. Neat, huh?

Here’s how to go about this simple task.

Firstly, think about the desired characteristics you yearn for in this specific person.

Now ask yourself why those particular characteristics are so important to you, and then channel them on yourself.

If it’s important to you that this person is humble, try to acquire that very same trait, and be that person!

Pamper yourself. Indulge in something that makes your soul happy.

People often forget that self-care is important, and it’s nothing to be shy about.

In order to connect with yourself and rest your mind, body and soul, you need to take good care of yourself.

You have a much higher chance of attracting your one and manifesting love the way you deserve if you’re in tune with your own needs.

Stop your limiting beliefs from holding you back in the pursuit of happiness.

Don’t assume you don’t deserve better than what you have.

Stop selling yourself short, and start a healthy love relationship with yourself!

woman wearing hat sitting in a grass on sunny day

Your subconscious mind will always sabotage you for as long as you keep limiting yourself by not having any faith in your worth.

Use daily affirmations to contradict every limiting belief you have, and if need be, write it all down.

That way you have a quick reminder on hand for when your mind starts playing tricks on you.

I hope this step helped you clear your own path to inner joy and made you see the importance of a love relationship with yourself.

Once you have full faith in yourself, you radiate it into the world, and the world reciprocates!

You’ll attract the one you desire with your honest relationship with yourself and by being in tune with your needs.

That’s the only way to be part of a relationship where two people agree to sync their needs, wants, and always keep each other in mind.

Self-care is the way to go.

Love yourself before you’re ready to love another individual, and the pathway to a success story is finally on its way to you.

Step Three: Show the universe your readiness to manifest your soulmate

happy brunette young woman in nature smiling

At this stage, you’re closer than ever to being the best version of yourself.

The version that is finally ready to receive that one person to be by your side for life and be your eternal vibrational match.

Shout it from the rooftops.

You’ve finally found that deeply hidden connection with your soul, and now nothing can stop you from going through with your mission of finding yourself on this love journey.

If you want the universe to hear you and listen to you, there are some quick steps to follow to make sure it doesn’t go unnoticed.

Here’s where you can start:

Daily affirmations are going to be your shining star and your saving grace during this stage Take a piece of paper and write down encouraging, inspiring and honest-to-God messages for yourself and read them out loud whenever you’re stuck in your limiting beliefs.

Open your mind, make place in your heart, and say it like you mean it.

You are worthy, you are genuine, and you deserve the love that you’re after.

Remain connected to your beliefs in your desired partner.

You know who you’re chasing, and you mustn’t let anyone get in the way of attaining that love.

There’s a reason why you’re set on this person, and you need to let the universe know how sure, secure, and loyal you are to your wishes.

Help the universe help you use the law of attraction techniques to attain and preserve the love you desire.

woman walking on lavender field in sunrise

Create a mental vision board of a life you seek to maintain, and let your creative imagination help you stay on the right path to achieving your goals.

Think about the way this person manifests their love and the way they exert their deepest desires openly.

Nurture those images and keep them in your mind as you go through significant steps in your life.

If you can visualize it, it’ll be that much easier to preserve it once it becomes your reality

Let your thoughts, wishes, and desires radiate into the open universe. Attracting a specific person takes time, dedication, and effort.

The law of attraction will do its job if you help it along the way.

Remember, it takes two to tango.

So make sure you’ve chosen the right individual to accompany you through life, and once you have, stick to them like white on rice.

Your subconscious mind needs to be aligned with what you’ve chosen to pursue.

A life partner is a missing piece to your puzzle, and the law of attraction only gets the job done if you’ve met all of the requirements for it to be a success.

Final Thoughts

young woman at sunset

After having carefully read, accepted, and implemented all of the steps above, you’re well on your way to manifesting a specific person and finding your happily-ever-after.

Limiting beliefs must be long gone by now, and manifesting love should be a much simpler task at this point.

And now all that’s left for you to do is to cultivate patience and embrace this newfound sense of serenity that has overcome your life.

Trust and have faith in the universe and its mighty ways.

Things may not appear ideal immediately, but that doesn’t mean it’s not going to work itself out.

Tune into your heart’s needs. Align your thoughts with what you aspire to achieve.

When you find the right person, nothing will be able to break the bond you two have forged.

One person has the power to either help establish your existent beliefs in life and love or break your spirit apart by gradually putting you down. 

And it’s entirely up to you how it plays out.

Choose the person you can mentally visualize your future with and commit to building a joint life.

Expect the law of attraction to be your faithful accomplice, and implement these steps into your daily routine only if you truly believe they will make a difference.

Manifesting A Specific Person Using The Law Of Attraction