So, you’ve found a guy who caught your eye but you’re not quite sure how to make him notice that? You get the feeling he has no idea you even exist.

Maybe you are too passive because you are afraid that something might go wrong and you will have to say goodbye to the slightest chance of being with him. Or, just maybe, he’s not getting your signals.

Come on, turn on your charm and follow these subtle ways to make him notice you’ve got a little secret—you like him.


1. ‘Spice up’ the physical contact

An accidental touch on the booty is a little tacky. Instead, hug him a bit longer than a friend would or kiss him on the cheek for ‘hello’ or ‘goodbye’.

This way you will show him you are interested in him but you won’t be so obvious about it, so everyone can see it. It is him you’re targeting.


2. Show interest in his interests

If you see he’s a movie freak, talk to him about recent movies you’ve watched. If he likes music, talk to him about your favorite bands or concerts you’ve been at recently.

He will not get you’re doing this on purpose and the two of you might engage in some long and fun conversation—the best way of stealing his attention.

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3. Use ‘killer’ eye contact

Young blond woman with a hat on

You can do wonders with your eyes—with the looks you give someone. Look at him seductively but don’t stare! You don’t want him to think you’re some freak that’s stalking him.

Use this technique in appropriate amounts and in the appropriate places and you will come a long way.


4. ‘Accidentally’ touch him

This is that ‘wow’ movie moment. You might think it is a little bit cheesy but it works. Most men are suckers for romantic gestures like that, but they won’t ever admit it.

Use the opportunities to slowly stroke his hand or gently hit his arm when he tells a joke. Just subtly let him know that you are there all ‘fired up’ waiting for him to notice.


5. Be inquisitive about his life

Once again, this may be a tricky one. You have to find the fine line that divides casual from awkward. You don’t want to come across as a ‘loony stalker’.

Ask him about his family, friends, his dreams, and desires. Show interest in his personal life. He will get this (if you respect the line) as you wanting to get to know him better.


6. Compliment him

Compliment him on his looks and on his work. When you compliment the way he looks, he will be flattered and he will (if he didn’t already) pay attention to your looks, too.

What guys love even more than complimenting their looks is complementing their work. If you tell him he’s done a great job, he will be grateful and he will see you in a different way.

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7. Be confident

There’s nothing that guys love more than to see a confident woman who knows what she wants and who knows how to get it. You would be surprised how many guys get turned on by an image of that kind of a woman.

Being confident gives you extra ‘sexiness’—something that makes men want you even more.


8. Smile

Young woman in denim jacket smiling

You can have whatever you like. It all depends on the approach you’re going to take. If you decide you’re going to play it nice and slow, smile at him and let your magical smile do all the work.

But on the other hand, if you’re really that interested in him, smiling will come naturally to you.


9. Laugh at his jokes

Laugh at his jokes even if they are bad. I know that probably you would do this anyway because you like him and anything he does or says is perfect to you—so are his jokes, as well.

When you laugh at his jokes, he will notice you and pay much more interest in you.


10. Get him alone

This is your final move—get him alone with you. Talk to him and finally, if all went well up to this point, ask him on a date and admit you have the hots for him.

If you did all those things above and if you kinda ‘hooked’ him, I guarantee that the outcome of this final step will be positive.

You won’t know until you try!