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The Person You Need To Stop Texting Asap, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

The Person You Need To Stop Texting Asap, Based On Your Zodiac Sign


Stop texting the person who makes you initiate most of the texts.

There is no point in holding your breath and making efforts for someone who is not willing to do the same for you.


Stop texting the one who makes you feel self-conscious.

They only bring you down to make themselves feel bigger and greater.


Stop texting the person who is always “too busy” to see you.

They who want to see you only when it suits them won’t give you the happiness you deserve, but will just make you sad.


Stop texting your ex; he doesn’t deserve your text.

It will only inflate his ego while your self-esteem drops rapidly.

He doesn’t deserve to be among your contacts, let alone in the heart he broke.


Stop texting someone who is jealous or simply clingy.

They are not your cup of tea and they will drive you insane sooner than you think.


Stop texting that emotionally unavailable person in your life.

You are the type of person who is sincere about your feelings and you expect the same in return.

Someone whose emotions are unbalanced is not the right match for you.


Stop texting the person who preys on your kindness – one who is there when they need you and disappears when they don’t.

You are too good for that. Don’t let anyone take advantage of you.


Stop texting the one who treats your heart like a train station.

Don’t allow them to come and go from your life as they please.

You deserve better.


Stop texting the person who is jealous of you – who is happy only when they see you fail.

They are not worthy of the place they have in your life.


Stop texting someone who is draining your energy.

You don’t need emotional leeches who burden you with their problems.

Surround yourself with positivity and kick out all the negative.


Stop texting that person who only thinks of themselves.

You have a free-spirited and totally unselfish personality and they will just try to make you fit their life.

They will never make an effort to fit yours.


Stop texting the one who lies to you or cancels plans at the last minute.

They are stringing you along and unworthy of the space they are occupying in your life.