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This Is Your Good And Your Bad Side, According To Your Zodiac Sign

This Is Your Good And Your Bad Side, According To Your Zodiac Sign


Good side: You look at the world with great optimism. There is no problem in this world that you won’t try solving.

You’ve adventurous, and you’re not a quitter. You’re extremely friendly and people like to be around you.

You may have high standards, but you’ll do everything in your power to fulfill them. You are an overachiever and a hard worker.

Bad side: When you’re upset, no one can reason with you. You’re very hot-headed, and your temper is something you can’t always control.

You sometimes appear a bit bossy because you enjoy being a leader.


Good side: You are a truly great friend. Once your heart warms up to someone, you will take care of that person for the rest of your life.

You’re very loyal and usually you put yourself first, but if there is a true friend in your life, you’ll ignore your own needs and tend to theirs.

You are a great dresser and people notice that.

Bad side: You’re stubborn as hell and although you will give it your best, sometimes you are extremely lazy—especially when you’re not interested in something.

You don’t know how to compromise, and you always think you’re right.


Good side: You are perfect in social situations. People like to be around you because you’re fun.

You know how to communicate with people, and your jokes are the ones to die for. You just know how to keep people entertained and happy.

Bad side: You are moody, and you change your behavior a lot. People don’t like that inconsistency.

You are prone to lying and talking behind other people’s backs. You change your plans at the last minute, and you’re often unreliable.


Good side: You are a caretaker, and you genuinely love almost everyone. You don’t know how to hate.

You’re creative, and you have a brilliant sense of humor. You’re very emotional, and you always find compassion for others.

Bad side: You take things personally because you’re too sensitive.

You can’t look at things from a neutral perspective, and that is what gets to you. You can also be very insecure and self-critical.


Good side: You are really kind-hearted. You’re good to everyone. You’ll even be good to someone who didn’t deserve it.

You’ll protect people you care about, and you’ll always be on their side. You are a true friend who will keep on giving chances. You are popular, and people love you.

Bad side: You’re self-centered, and you always think you’re right. You don’t want listen to anyone.

Even if you do listen to them, you’ll go on doing the thing you wanted to in the first place.


Good side: You are a great problem solver. You’re analytical and pretty down-to-earth.

You’re honest, and you’ll always tell people what you really think. You’re a very loyal and generous friend. You’re tidy, and you like to keep things in order.

Bad side: You want to keep things the way you like them.

You’re living in your own world where no one is right but you, and everyone has to play by your rules. You’re also very critical which can sometimes hurt others.


Good side: You know how to act in company. You know how to impress people, and you’re altogether a good person.

People enjoy your company because they feel comfortable around you. You’re not the best when it comes to time, but you’ll be there when it counts.

Bad side: You struggle with making decisions, and you’re not reliable.

You say you’’ll come to something, and you never show up. You can be very sensitive and take things you weren’t supposed to heart.


Good side: You know how to keep things in order, and you’re very good at being a leader. You are a problem-solver and a great listener, so people feel they can trust you with their problems.

You are strong and you’re a fighter, and there are not a lot of things that can bring you down.

Bad side: When you get angry at someone, you hold on to it for a very long time.

If you’re crossed, you’re going to seek vengeance. You know how to forgive, but you never forget.


Good side: You are very adventurous, and you’d kill for a travel buddy.

You always look on the bright side of the road, and you won’t quit until you feel happiness. You know how to have a good time, and so do the people around you.

Bad side: You have a temper, and you get stuck on the small stuff. You will trust someone but never entirely.

When it comes to business even with your friend, you’ll put a poker face on and forget everything you ever knew about your friend and negotiate with a stranger whom you won’t trust.


Good side: You will treat someone they way you want to be treated. You’ll work hard to be able to afford things.

You’ll never give up, and you’ll strive for the best. You’re very wise, and you like beautiful things. You want to have them.

Bad side: You want to hear you’re good enough all the time. You’re obsessed with success, and you’ll do pretty much everything just to make it.

Your biggest dream is to be successful and prove to everyone that you can.


Good side: You’re very smart and sophisticated. People like to talk to you and be around you because they feel nice.

You love challenges and putting yourself out there. You like to push yourself to your limits to see how far can you go.

Bad side: You don’t get attached that easily because you always think with your rational side rather than your emotional side.

You don’t handle pressure that well, and it usually stresses you out a lot.


Good side: You always have time to listen. Your friends trust you a lot because you are always there for them when they have a problem.

You’re very compassionate and emotional. You are very generous, and you will always give everything you’ve got to make someone happy.

Bad side: You can be lazy, and you usually think of the worst scenario possible.

This pessimistic side of you is not a nice thing. You can also be very manipulative, especially when you want something badly.