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Weekly Horoscope For Your Zodiac Sign For April 9 – 15, 2018

Weekly Horoscope For Your Zodiac Sign For April 9 – 15, 2018


This week you’re going to be quite mysterious. Usually, you love talking and hanging out with people, but this week you’ll prefer silence for a change. Also, there will be a chance for a passionate romantic relationship, so keep your eyes open!

But keep in mind, you want to stay low key, so this romantic relationship will be also something you’ll do under the radar because you don’t want the whole world to see it.


It’s finally time to make all your wishes come true. This is just the perfect time to do it. Your love life and your work abilities have never been better, so if you had any plans, this is the time to make them come true.

While you’re trying to make your plans come true, you’re going to see the real you and what hides deep inside of you. You’re going to see clearly things you have to change in order to become the best version of yourself and you’re going to make that version come true.


This week you’re going to be remembering your past. Usually, dwelling upon things you could have done but didn’t is not a good thing, but as long as you keep it positive and think about positive and happy moments from your past, it’s okay.

This week you’re going to focus more on your friendships. So, try to spend most of your time with your friends, people that care about you. Remember the good old times and think about the future.


When you do something, you put your heart and your soul into it. It’s the same in love. When you love, you love all the way. It’s because of your emotional nature. This week your emotional side will be even more transparent than usual.
This will make you more vulnerable than usual, so you should be careful regarding your feelings and relationships with other people this week. If you have any doubts, always go with honesty, because it’s definitely the safest way to go.


You do things with such tenacity and not all people can do that. That’s your advantage, but sometimes it works differently. But when it does work, you hit the Jackpot. Your success will be more than apparent this week and everyone will see that.

Keep your cool and don’t rush into things. Keep your wins and do things one at a time. It will make your week perfect and you’ll be roaring with happiness.


For you, living is a piece of cake. You’re easily adaptable and you can manage in every situation. Growing and laughing is something that’s characteristic of you, and you’ll prove that this week.

You probably already know how to make the best of this week and that is great. Take your opportunities one by one, concentrate and you’ll make it. Good luck—even though you don’t need it!


Stop wasting time on things that don’t matter. This week you’ll realize that you don’t have all the time in the world because the clock is ticking and time is passing. Use your time wisely and do things that you need to do. Organize your time the best way you know how.

Use this time you have to hang out with your friends, but most importantly, use it for yourself. Work on your self-progress and humor your wishes. This is the best opportunity to do that.


You’re feeling a bit down because you want so badly for things to change. You feel you can’t express your emotions the way you’d like to, so you want to find a way how. You’re in a status quo which can be both good and bad.

You are not sure in which direction you want your life to take its course, but don’t despair. Just continue doing what you do and things will be clearer very soon.


You have to learn to call a spade a spade. That is the only way things are going to get clearer. If you choose to be blind, you won’t be able to fulfill what you want—you’ll stagnate. So face your life and do something about it.

If it’s business, call your potential partner on a meeting over dinner or Skype, interact with people and involve your passionate, human side. You’ll definitely manage to get what you want. Be creative and imaginative just the way you know how.


Maybe you’re asking yourself all the time why you’re being so challenged in your life. Why are bad things always happening to you? Why does everything get so complicated? Well, there is a reason for that. These challenges prepare you for your future so you can nail it.

You’re more than capable of doing great things. You just have to toughen up a bit and your life prepares you for that.


Always let your heart be your guide. Trust it because it won’t ever fail you. This week is crazy like hell for you. You have to try new things and never be afraid of them. This willingness to experiment will bring good things to your life.

Focus on the things at hand and save your energy because you’re going to need it.


Usually, you always think twice before doing something, but this week you’ll find yourself in situations where you won’t have any time to think and you’re just going to do it. This is actually good for you as it will spice things up and bring some excitement to your life.

Don’t let this confuse you and catch you off guard. Just remember that sometimes it is good to go with the flow and not think about things all the time, over and over.