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Weekly Love Horoscope: June 15th-June 21st

Weekly Love Horoscope: June 15th-June 21st



This summer is starting to smell like passion. Single or taken, you’re feeling extra fiery these days.

Those who are in relationships are taking control. You know what you want and you’re open about it. You won’t stop until you get it.

You’re feeling different to your normal self and that might last for a couple of weeks. Due to this, some unexpected things might happen.



This week is all about pleasing yourself. There was a period in your life where you couldn’t find happiness without a partner, but lately, you’ve been figuring out a way to enjoy yourself on your own.

You’ve realized that being in a relationship is the cherry on top, and not the whole cake.

Bearing this in mind, you’ll be looking for the most amazing love adventure – settling is not an option.



You came to some realizations last week and now you’re ready to live your love life to the fullest.

Something’s here to rock your boat this week, though. An ex may be making an appearance right when you thought they were out of your life for good.

Don’t make any major decisions for the next couple of weeks. Soak it all in and wait.



You’ll be wondering if you are your lover’s first choice, or just one of his options.

There’s definitely someone in your life pretending to be something they’re not.

If you’re single, take things slow. In the following weeks there will be a moment to make a final decision (and we’ll warn you about it in time, don’t worry), but now is not that time.

If you’re in a committed relationship, you might have been thinking about your past a lot, lately. Don’t let it push you towards doing something you’ll regret later.



Leo, a week of love is coming. There’s a huge chance that our Leos out there will realize they have met the one! We’re not joking around, so congrats!

There’ll be so much passion and newfound connection in your relationship that even you might feel overwhelmed.

If you’re not on the verge of marrying your forever person, you might just be on the verge of meeting them.

There’s a chance a good friend will become something more this week for single Leos.



Some Virgos could meet someone amazing at work this week, or notice someone they haven’t noticed so far. Reminder: Stay professional, take things slow, and see where it goes.

Virgo’s who are in committed relationships will have a blast this week with their partner and their friends.

If you’re single, hunting season has just started. Good luck finding the one that impresses you. The stars say you’ll have so much fun doing it, so relax and enjoy.



Single Libra might meet someone this week who’ll drive them insane – and not necessarily in a good way.

Look out for someone who drives you nuts but there’s so much chemistry and heat between you that they simply draw you in.

This is also the time to spice things up for Libra’s who are taken. You’ll be magnetic, so use that to your advantage.



Vulnerability – now it’s time to learn something about it. Yes Scorpio, we know you’ve been hurt
but it’s time to move on.

This week you’ll be looking for someone new and exciting. Remember to keep your mind and your heart open.

Let the new person be who they are and don’t immediately think they’ll hurt you.

Scorpios that are taken need to find new thrill and excitement in their relationship, what they have currently doesn’t suit their needs.



This week something will happen that will change the course of your life for the next few years depending on your decision.

For those who are taken, the spark might be fading. We know you’re feeling it too. There also might be some unexpected issues.

Single Sags will see a lot of attraction, attention and love in the following period. Now is the time to go after the one you want.



This week you’ll start to think more about what you want out of relationships, and what it is that you deserve to get.

There’s a good chance you’ve fallen into a complicated situation with someone who has you on hold. Now is the time to resolve that.

If you’re looking for a new partner, the time has come to start searching for the right one, not just someone to pass time with.



For those Aquarians that are taken, you may be thinking that your love life is perfect, but there’s a good chance you’re not seeing things as they are.

If you’re single, you still haven’t recovered from focusing on events in your past that recent changes in the planets brought to you. Do you really think he could have been the one? There’s a chance he was.

Try to get back together or finally make space for someone new in your life.



If you’re looking to bring more zest into your relationship, make it happen this week. You’ve been seeking drama, and drama you shall get.

As for the single Pisces out there, your soulmate is within reach. This could mean they are already in your life, or it could mean there’s only a few days until you meet them. Brace yourself.

Weekly Love Horoscope: June 15th-June 21st