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Zodiac Signs Ranked From Vanilla To Dirty-Minded AF

Zodiac Signs Ranked From Vanilla To Dirty-Minded AF


You are very traditional. It’s not that you are asexual or uninterested, but you like to keep things simple.

If something is working right, there is no point in meddling.

In the bedroom, you like to keep things simple without experimenting with new toys or sex positions.

Orgasm is orgasm, there is no point in changing things if you already like them as they are.

Staying in your comfort zone is way more interesting to you than going wild and kinky.


Virgos have a reputation for being prudish and uptight which is actually not true.

There is a dirty side of you, but it’s suppressed because of your shyness.

You are not an attention seeker and if you can do things nice and quietly, you will.

Once you get rid of being shy and realize that no one will judge you and you shouldn’t care even if they do, you will release your inner freak making your partner see a whole different version of you. And guess what? He’s going to like it.


You enjoy spending time with people and connecting with them on a much deeper level than the sexual one. You are more of a sensual being.

Freaky things don’t turn you on. You like to nurture the sensitive side of yourself. Cuddling is the most intense type of foreplay for you.

In the bedroom, you want to connect with your partner on a deep emotional level. So, when it comes to choosing dirty or emotional sex, you will always go for emotional.


You like to keep thing interesting. You are very intelligent and your half dirty-minded self has been in situations where you’ve put your intellect to excellent use coming up with great new ideas, especially in the bedroom.

Just, the thing is that you are very sexual, but it’s not that important to you and you can go quite some time without it.

But, when you finally hit something, you make it an A-class act the other party will never forget.


You are very wise and you can read people like they are open books. This comes in handy in the bedroom.

Your partner doesn’t have to verbally ask for something because you’ll feel it and be one step ahead of them.

You can often drift off in your dreamy world, sometimes it’s with a guy, and luckily for him, you won’t be getting out of the bedroom for days.

So, let’s say that Pisces are usually not that dirty but they have their moments.


People like you. You have a gift that makes everyone want to be around you.

Your friendly personality makes it easier for you to go home with the guy you’ve been talking to in the bar without any effort.

That’s when the magic happens. Namely, Gemini are known as the best dirty talkers in the business.

Their minds are so dirty that they will make you come even before the actual act has begun.

This works in their favor because dirty talk is really the strongest weapon they have and they use it just right.


You are highly sensual and you like when things are in harmony and everyone is happy.

When you reach that state of mind, you finally loosen up and go with the flow, especially in the bedroom.

Not only do you want to please your partner more than yourself, but when you are in that particular state of mind, the dirty side of you comes to life.

You will try weird poses that will feel so natural to you and your partner.

You can make the kinky pleasant and fun for pretty much anyone.


Sags do not refuse sex, no matter what. They are down to it whenever and wherever. You even get turned on if there is some danger mixed in.

So, your dirty mind encourages you to do it in the places where you might get caught or places that are quite dangerous.

You can get easily bored and your partner has to keep stimulating your dirty imagination and suggest trying something new.

Of, course, you will never say ‘no’ to any suggestion. When you feel the need, you are down for anything.


You are very connected to your emotions. You like to see the good in people and just be with them and give them your positive energy.

The spiritual and sensitive connection is the most important one to you. But, your sensual charge does not exclude the sexual one.

It makes it even more intense. You will invest in your relationship as much as you can and that includes sex.

That’s where your dirty mind kicks in. In the bedroom, you’re going to show your partner things he has never tried and you are going to nail it (him).


Your kinky sex drive is over the roof. But, you don’t have that much time for having sex so you get it over with—you fulfill your needs and move on to the next one.

Some might think this is a bad thing, but you are so dirty that the other side can’t take that much of you, but they will never forget what you gave them.

Original ideas that come from your dirty mind are mind-blowing.

You are no stranger to casual sex with strangers as long as they are hot. No one knows more dirty talk phrases than you do and your performance is impressive.


Leos are born to be great lovers. With being the best comes being extremely freaky and dirty.

You like spicing things up and showing that as you are in charge in life, so too in the bedroom.

Along with being in charge, you are very generous and you know how to return the favor.

What turns you on the most is getting compliments of how hot you look. That’s when you go crazy and your dirty side takes over.


You are the biggest dirty mind of all the Zodiac signs. Freak is your middle name and you do it way better than anyone else.

Being dirty in the bedroom is something completely natural to you. Your sexual appetite is insensible. You can never get enough.

You have to choose your partners wisely because not all of them can endure the sex swings and crazy exhibitions you are so familiar with.

But, although you are dirty AF, you are not that heartless. You want to connect with your partner before any serious business. But, once you do, the rest is history.