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10 Adorable Texting Habits That Reveal He’s Into You

10 Adorable Texting Habits That Reveal He’s Into You

Today, when we meet someone, texting seems like the best way to meet them truly.

So, we’re texting back and forth, figuring out things along the way, but the problem with texting is that we can’t see the other person, which often leads to misunderstanding messages.

“Is he being just polite or he’s really into us?” is the question that’s constantly on our minds.

To help you decode his messages and find out if he’s into you, read the list below.

1. He replies to your messages as soon as he can

You are not worried if you will be left unseen or if he will ignore your texts for the rest of the week. He’s just not that type of guy.

If he’s busy, he lets you know the approximate time when he’ll be available and he keeps his word.

If he is available, he responds immediately. With him, you don’t have to worry if you are a priority or nor. You already know you are.

2. He suggests the things you two can do together

He wants to move things past the texting point. He is interested in getting to know you and doing things with you.

He will suggest that the two of you do something you both enjoy and something he knows you can’t resist.

And if you’re not able to go out together, he will text you how amazing it would’ve been if you were there. Even if you’re not out with him, you still don’t feel left out.

3. He initiates the conversation

He has no problem with being the first one to send messages and he is not interested in playing games with you. You mean too much for him to do it anyway.

He’s just so excited about talking to you and getting to know you, that he simply cannot wait for you to text first. Even if he faces the rejection, it’s still worth it for him.

4. He is just so adorable

With checking on you and sending you those ‘good morning’ texts and ‘sweet dreams’ before you go to bed.

If you have something important that day, he remembers and asks you about it and gives you support.

If you’re offline, he eagerly welcomes you once you get back and you keep on writing like you never stopped.

I mean, what kind of a woman can resist when a man genuinely cares about her?

5. He remembers to ask about your day

Even if you were texting throughout the whole day, he still asks you how are you feeling and was it exhausting.

Sometimes we can spend the whole day with someone and they will still not remember to ask us how we are.

It’s something we all tend to forget, thinking that if someone seems okay that they really are.

But deepest sorrows can be hidden behind the brightest smiles.

That’s why he never misses the opportunity to check on you and make sure that you’re doing okay.

6. He keeps the conversation going

It’s easy to lose interest if subjects are dull or set on repeat, but that seems impossible with him.

He always has something new to talk about and there are always new questions about the old topics.

If you are looking for any sign that he is into you, this is it. Even if it looks like you are all done for the day with texting, he finds something new to talk about.

7. He writes long texts

His answers are not one of those polite ones, where he answers just so the conversation is going, but the moment you stop putting effort in it, it stops.

He writes you complete answers and long texts, so there is no room for you to doubt his devotion to texting with you.

8. He gave you a texting nickname

When someone gives you contact name, it means that he’s genuinely into you. He really likes you and you are already something special to him.

That’s why he gave you a nickname, something only the two of you share. And if he’s using it often, even if you’re not texting, he’s using it to build intimacy between the two of you.

Nothing builds intimacy like something you created together and share in privacy.

9. He tells you what’s going on in his life

Men who are interested in you will always make you part of their lives. And even if he is interested in you and your life, he will still let you know that’s going on in his.

He’s not playing hard to get or some kind of mysterious man, and that’s already a sign that he wants something more than fun and games with you.

He is interested in something a little bit more serious.

10. He texts you when he wakes up and before he goes to sleep

Which means that you are the first thing he thinks about in the morning and the last one before he goes to bed. Is there a better and sweeter sign than this one?