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10 ‘Bad Girl’ Traits All Men Fall For

10 ‘Bad Girl’ Traits All Men Fall For

You don’t necessarily need to be a bad girl to capture a man’s heart. Because let’s face it, men want bad girls but most of them don’t have the guts to date one. But there is a trick to avoid this problem.

Bad girls are unpredictable and often a handful. Most guys avoid dating them because they are not the kinds of girls you want to bring home to your mother.

But, as it was already said, you don’t have to be a bad girl but you can have a bit of ‘bad girl blood’ in you, which will be more than enough to capture the attention of someone you like.

You are not a risk because you’re essentially good but with a nasty side of you, which is seen through the following traits:

1. You’re adventurous

You have no boundaries and you’re willing to try everything. You’re not afraid of anything and you know you have to try something before you judge it. Your bad girl side makes you go out there and experience new things.

Men like that in a woman because most of them are adventurous, too. So show him that bit of a bad girl you’re holding inside and have crazy adventures with him. You won’t regret it.

2. You’re independent

Guys don’t want someone who will depend on them. They don’t want to hold the burden of the whole relationship on their back.

They want someone who will work with them, someone who will be ready to take the wheel when they need them to.

They need someone who will know how to get things done by themselves. They adore women who can take care of themselves. Bad girls are like that.

3. You’re confident

Let’s face it! Confidence is sexy! A woman can’t possibly wear anything as sexy as confidence.

Even if you’re the lousiest woman in the world (you’re not), if you’re confident, you’ll intrigue men. That kind of thing can be seen from a mile away.

Confidence draws men closer to you. You won’t see a bad girl walking down the street with her head buried in the sidewalk.

She’ll walk proudly because she knows she can take on everything. She is that confident and so are you.

4. You’re naughty

This may surprise you but men love when the woman they are planning on settling down with is a bit naughty.

No one wants a boring person by their side. Everyone wants a bit of excitement. This can be just a bit naughty or it can rise to full public naughtiness, it depends on the man.

The important thing is that you’re both comfortable with the level of naughtiness you’re at. But the best kind of woman is the one who acts like a lady but is a naughty freak in the bedroom. He won’t be able to resist you.

5. You’re seductive

Most men like to take the initiative, especially in the bedroom, but that gets old after a while. Sometimes they want to be the ones who don’t have to do anything.

Most of their ultimate fantasies involve a bad girl taking initiative and demanding sex. You know you can do this, right?

6. You’re fearless

You’re scared of nothing and you will try everything. A bold woman is a hot woman. Men know these women are not scared to take the initiative and they know how to take care of themselves.

There isn’t a situation they aren’t prepared to handle.

7. You’re realistic

You don’t walk on cloud nine. When you see something, you call it by its name. You don’t beat around the bush being careful not to hurt someone’s feelings.

You don’t live in a bubble because you’re not scared to face reality. Even if your reality is not a pretty one, you’ll accept it and take the best of it.

8. You’re flirty

You know exactly how to use your powers to seduce a man. You know exactly what to tell him and how to approach him.

You don’t even try that hard, it just comes naturally to you. But, besides that, you also know how to dress to kill!

After you walk by in that smokin’ hot dress of yours, men’s jaws fall out, like they do in cartoons. You have the ability to capture any man’s attention.

9. You’re tough

You won’t sit and wait for things to solve themselves. You’ll take action and you’ll never pity yourself and cry because of whatever is happening to you.

You’ll pull yourself together and you’ll work on a plan to solve the situation. You always know the solution and you don’t complain about how hard it is to be you.

10. You’re straightforward

You’ll say everything you’ve got to say right to someone’s face. You don’t play mind games because no one deserves to be manipulated with. You’re transparent and there is no lying.

If someone doesn’t like the way you think, they know where the door is and are welcome to leave if they want to.