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10 Heart-Warming Signs You Are Dating Your Future Husband

10 Heart-Warming Signs You Are Dating Your Future Husband

There are times when the moment we see someone, we feel such an intense connection that the voice in our head screams, ‘He’s the one,’ while our heart is already melting.

We feel drawn to each other and it seems like there is no force strong enough to separate us. Ever.

That kind of love is famous as love at first sight and it’s just as amazing as they describe it in books.

But what if our connection took time to build and there were no fireworks, but instead there was a steady and intense flame of passion and love? Just because it wasn’t instant doesn’t mean that it’s less worthy.

To see if maybe the man you’re dating is the one worth fighting for, look for these signs that can tell you if he’s husband material.

1. Being a gentleman comes naturally to him

He will pull out your chair, open doors for you, bring you roses before dinner and be the one next to the road when you’re walking.

In his head, you are a lady and he is treating you that way with no effort.

Making you feel safe and special is not a chore to him, it just feels natural.

2. He still puts effort into dates

Every long-term relationship faces rough patches, but if he is still putting effort into your relationship, no matter how much of a hard time you’re having or how busy he is, he is the one.

He respects the time you two spend together so he wants to make the best of it.

He wants to make amazing memories with you, memories that you two are someday going to tell your children about.

So, he will go out of his way to plan dates and make sure that you feel as special as you did in the honeymoon phase.

3. Your chemistry is through the roof

Explaining chemistry is kind of difficult, but you can feel it and you know what it is.

You probably had a relationship where you just didn’t click or you met guys who were amazing, good-looking and caring, but they were missing that little something.

They were missing that spark that needs to light up the love. And right now, your flames of love are so bright and strong that it would take one hell of a flood to put them out.

You have butterflies every time he walks through the door and there is a silly grin on your face every time you see him.

If there is excitement when you hear his voice and you just feel drawn to him all the time, that’s a sign of great chemistry.

4. You share the same values

When it comes to deciding to spend your life with someone, it’s important that you two are on the same page considering issues, life decisions and how you want to spend your future together.

Some of the biggest deal-breakers are when couples have different plans and visions of the future.

But if the two of you are in sync, that’s a great sign that you can make it.

5. The thought of spending the future with him isn’t scary at all

No matter how afraid of love you were before, when it comes to loving him, it still feels right. It still feels good.

You are not afraid of committing to him, because he makes you feel safe and loved. He makes you feel like the most amazing goddess of them all.

You wouldn’t mind having all of your lasts with him, waking up next to him tomorrow and every tomorrow after that.

6. He is both gentle and strong

He is strong enough to make you feel safe, to make you feel protected, no matter what happens.

He is the anchor in the storms of life and you know that you can call him and he will be there in a second. But he is also gentle enough to show you that he cares.

He is not ashamed of his emotions because you are the reason they are there.

He is not ashamed to open up to you because he is in touch with his emotional side.

7. You feel accepted

He loves you the way you are and you know it. He never made you doubt yourself, and not once did he look at someone else to make you feel bad.

He has eyes only for you and it just feels good. No one is perfect, but to him, you are.

8. He loves your family—and they love him too

From the first moment he met your parents, he was completely in love with them because they are the reason you are on this earth.

They clicked so well and he just loves spending time with them, not because he wants to make you happy, but because he genuinely enjoys it. And they love him too.

Although sometimes it can happen that things between your parents and partner don’t work out in the beginning, but with time they work through it.

But if they clicked from the very first moment, consider yourself truly lucky.

9. You aren’t afraid to lower your walls

Always choose a man who makes your walls tumble down. No matter how badly hurt you were in the past, no matter how afraid of letting someone in you are, with him everything seems so easy.

Lowering your walls feels right, because you know he will keep you safe. Letting him in feels good, because you know he will never hurt you.

You just know and you are not afraid to show your emotional side, because he will kiss away your tears and mend your gentle heart.

10. He takes you into consideration when making future plans

He already decided that he wants to have you around for a long time and he makes sure that you are happy as well.

No matter whether he’s deciding when to take days off, where he will go on holiday or if he will take another job offer, you are the one he checks up on.

You are the one he asks for advice because he sees you as his equal and respects you for your brain and amazing intelligence.

He respects you and truly loves you, and not just because of the chemistry, sex or your body. He is in love with your mind and soul as well.