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10 Most Common Thoughts He Has When You Ignore His Texts

10 Most Common Thoughts He Has When You Ignore His Texts

Unanswered texts are something that can set into motion a whole avalanche of thoughts—and not just for women. Men are not immune to being ignored either.

Check what he thinks about when you don’t text back right away or completely ignore his texts:

“Is she playing games?“

Beautiful young woman in trench using her mobile phone

Most men these days are playing texting games, and once they don’t receive a text back, the first thing they think of is that you are giving them a taste of their own medicine, and they don’t like it at all.

“Maybe she wants me to try harder.”

man reading sms on smartphone

Men will go after what they want, and while they don’t appreciate the game playing, they will try harder for the one they are into to prove to her that their feelings are genuine. So if he is really likes you, he will probably send a follow-up text.

“Did I do something wrong.”

unhappy man looking at his phone

Just like women, men will stop and think back about the moments they spent with a woman.

So if you are not texting back, he might think that he’s done something to turn you off, and he is scared that you might not want to see him again.

“I don’t know why she doesn’t text back and I don’t care.”

young employee using smartphone at office

Some men don’t go into an overthinking mode or they do their best not to. Not getting a text back is a huge blow to their ego, and he will do his best to repress his emotion. He’ll keep telling himself that he doesn’t care.

“Am I falling for this girl?”

man typing on his phone and sitting on swing

Men are not known for being in touch with their feelings. They are better at running from them or hiding them even from themselves.

So after a whole day of not hearing from you, they will start to miss you and wonder if there is something more there than they originally thought.

“There must be something wrong with her phone. “

guy wearing stylish glasses while reading sms

He has a hard time accepting that you might not be that into him, so he will start to come up with the most improbable scenarios like your phone might be lost or broken, maybe something terrible happened, etc.

“Next, please.”

obese man sitting at workplace and procastinating

This sounds harsh, but if a man wants nothing more than a casual hookup and his intentions were just to get you to sleep with him, he will just move on to his next conquest without thinking twice.

He didn’t form an emotional attachment, and he won’t care that you don’t text back,

“I’m too old for this shit.”

Casual businessman sending a text at his desk in his office

If he has been staring a whole day at an empty screen and he knows you have your phone with you 24/7, he will start to think that you are playing games and messing with his mind, and his interest will slowly start to fade away,

“She must be mad at me.”

Angry confused african woman holding phone

It depends on the context, but if you had an argument or he’s done something to upset you, your silent treatment will be like a punishment for him.

He will stop and reflect on his actions and probably try to do something to make things up to you if he knows that what he’s done was wrong.

“Maybe she’s just not interested.”

Pensive young caucasian man sit on couch at home read messages

Men are quite rational, and them not getting a text back for days is a clear sign that you are not into him.

Regardless of how he feels for you, he will leave you be because he sees no point to keep on trying with someone who is not interested.

10 Most Common Thoughts He Has When You Ignore His Texts