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10 Things Men Want From Their ‘Perfect Girlfriend’

10 Things Men Want From Their ‘Perfect Girlfriend’

It would be so great to enter men’s heads and find out what they really want from their girlfriends but unfortunately, that is not possible. So you need to rely on your experience and stories that you heard from other girls to make your man happy and pleased.

The catch is that some guys are simply impossible to satisfy while others just need you to be around them and they will be on cloud nine.

But there are some things that every man wants his girlfriend to possess. And here is the list of the most common things that will make any man go crazy.

1. Challenge

Every man will be pleased to have a girl who will be challenging and with an open mind. Her free spirit will make him feel entertained and comfortable and he won’t abandon someone with these qualities.

In fact, he will stick to her like she is the only girl left in the world and he will do anything to make her feel good in her own skin.

2. Inspiration

Men, just like women, want to have partners who will inspire them to do things that they thought they will never do in their lives and make them be the best versions of themselves.

So, having a girl who will inspire you to go for your dreams or who will support you is not so bad, right? That means that she is totally okay with your success and that she loves you enough to wish you all the best.

3. Faithfulness

Frankly speaking, we all want to have our romantic partner only for us. We want to know that he is exclusively ours and that no other girl can have him.

And I have to admit that there is nothing sexier than a faithful woman. She knows what she wants and she won’t settle for less than she deserves.

4. Independence

There is nothing more appealing than an independent woman who knows what she wants and who won’t stop until she gets it.

When a guy sees a girl like that, he will immediately find her attractive because of her character and appearance. So, if you want to be someone’s perfect girlfriend, you just need to be independent.

5. Sensuality

Women are to be sensual human beings and that role fits them perfectly well.

Every guy will always choose a sensual girl over someone who behaves like a man trapped in a women’s skin. Enough said!

6. Relaxation

Women that are not nervous find a love partner more easily than those who always think about problems. You see, when you see a woman who is relaxed, enjoying life, chances are that you will be attracted to her.

A woman like this likes to meet new people, so she will probably find a soulmate more easily than someone who is more likely to be an introvert.

7. Has their back

It is so damn sex when your girlfriend has your back and defends you in front of people. Every guy’s dream is to have a girl who will have their back no matter how wrong they are.

One thing is defending your man in public but telling him that he needs to get his shit together when you are alone. Not everyone needs to know about his mistakes and a real girl will know how to make that happen.

8. Intelligence

It is great when a girl knows how to handle every situation without you helping her. That is proof that she thinks with her head and that she wants to be independent.

Scientists say that some guys are attracted even more to an intelligent woman than to a beautiful one, so it is your choice what you will work on.

9. Easy going girl

The thing is that guys are sometimes a little bit scared of serious girls and they don’t want to approach them. So, their perfect girl is someone who is quite easy going but yet serious enough when the situation requires.

Also, it is much easier to develop communication with an easy going girl and you have more chances that she will go on a date with you.

10. Love

And last but not least, is love—the feeling that makes the world go around. This is what every guy wants from a woman he loves. And I must admit a feeling like that is quite normal.

We all want to be loved and respected, and if we find someone who can provide us with that, we will never let that person go.