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10 Traits That Define A High-Value Man Who Will Treat You Right

10 Traits That Define A High-Value Man Who Will Treat You Right

A high-value man is someone every woman wants in her life.

Someone who will know how to keep a great girl and knows exactly what to do to make her happy.

They are not so rare, believe it or not. If you want to be treated in the right way, look for these qualities in men you encounter and see which one is a high-value man.

1. He’s a positive person

Is there anything sexier than when a guy smiles and laughs?

It shows that he enjoys life and when he talks about the things that inspire him and about the positive aspects of his life, you know that he’s grateful for everything he has.

He knows that life is short and that’s why he doesn’t want to spend it angry and miserable, because he knows that he has the ability to talk, walk and breathe.

2. He’s not afraid to commit

It doesn’t matter if it’s committing to a relationship, a job, or project, or to himself and his self-development— he knows that it’s very important to have a safe zone and to have stability in life.

He doesn’t need ten women all around him when he has that one special someone who makes him feel appreciated and loved.

He would rather treat the things he’s committed to with all the respect he has, than to jump from one thing to another, never knowing where he’s at.

3. He loves to put effort into a relationship

Nothing is too much for him. Whatever will make you happy makes him happy as well.

This doesn’t make him desperate, but rather someone who knows to value what he has.

He’s going to ask about your interests, likes and dislikes and he’ll plan out the most perfect date night for you two.

4. He seeks to understand you

He wants to listen to you and know what you’re thinking and feeling.

He won’t run away the moment you show your emotions, but rather sit down with you and talk it through.

He will be the shoulder you cry on. He really wants to understand you and show you that he cares.

There’s nothing that can scare him off, because he loves you and as long as you love and appreciate him, that won’t change.

5. He LOOKS nice

This doesn’t mean that he has a six-pack and looks like Prince Charming, but rather that he puts effort into looking the best he can look.

He dresses nicely for every occasion, likes to shower constantly and to spend money on nice colognes. He wants to represent himself in the best possible light.

6. He understands that a woman of value can choose

He understands that attraction is a personal thing and that’s why he won’t insult a woman who rejects him, but rather will respect her opinion.

He wants you to know that even if you reject him, he will easily move on, because he knows that you probably had more choices and he wasn’t one of them. But he will never dwell on your rejection, as he knows his worth, too.

7. He’s well-mannered

He’s a gentleman who opens the car door for you and the door of the restaurant.

He knows what to do with the napkin on the table and he doesn’t leave without kissing your hand or cheek. It’s his way of showing respect.

He’s nice to everyone, from the waiter to the parking valet. He treats everyone with respect and kindness.

And we all know how much women love well-mannered men, right?

8. He introduces you to everyone in the room

The first thing he does when walking into a room full of people is introduce you to everyone so that you don’t feel left out.

He wants everyone to know who you are because he’s proud of having you by his side, but also because he wants you to get along with his friends as that’s very important to him.

9. He’s clear on his intentions

There’s no second-guessing what he wants. You know those guys you’ve been sitting around waiting for, wondering if they are ever going to text you so you can see if they like you or not?

Well, he’s not one of them. He’s a man who knows that time is precious and that your feelings matter.

The moment he realizes that he wants to be with you, he will tell you. He won’t think twice about it.

10. He knows how to seduce a woman

He’s smooth, sexy and charming. He’s the kind of gentleman every woman dreams about.

He asks questions to make you feel special and he knows exactly what to say to make you fall for him.


He won’t use that against you. Unless he’s really interested in a woman, he won’t approach her.

He’s all about trust and a real relationship. He doesn’t just want a fling. He wants a love that stays.