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10 Ways The Beautifully Broken Girl Loves Differently

10 Ways The Beautifully Broken Girl Loves Differently

Just take a moment and look a little bit deeper in her eyes—you will see how tortured and tired they look. All those past love relationships have left deep scars, but she is doing her best to hide them. She is a girl who once loved so deeply and wholeheartedly it destroyed her, but now she is coming back, stronger than ever—she is rising from her ashes like a Phoenix.

But there is one thing you don’t know about her—she loves a little bit differently from others… and this is how:

1. She knows her own strength

If there is anything in her life that she learned, it is how to be strong. After all those bad things that damaged her, she learned (in a tougher way) to deal with life problems. For a girl like this, it won’t be a problem to pick herself up after a bad day.

Now, she knows that she is capable of doing much better than she thought she can. And when life serves her some lemons, she will just make lemonade!

2. She won’t open up to you right away

There is a saying: “A burnt child dreads the fire!” This is how a broken girl reacts when she meets someone new. Since she was beaten to her emotional death and that left scars, she doesn’t want to trust you overnight.

It will take some time for her to be comfortable enough to open up to you. But bear in mind that once she breaks free, you will realize that she was worth the wait!

3. But when she does, she will tell you her story

She has been through so many bad things lately, and it is normal if she doesn’t want to share them with you. But once she feels ready, she will tell you about the heavy emotional burden that she was carrying all this time. Even if she will cry or her voice will be shaky, she won’t give up until she shares the last thing from her past with you.

4. She keeps a distance

It is not easy for her to have her heart on her sleeve every time she meets someone new. She keeps her guard up because once upon a time, she was hurt, and she doesn’t want to feel that sort of pain anymore.

If you treat her right, maybe you will be that special person who will take down all that protective barriers she has made.

5. She is challenging

There are a lot of battles behind her, so there will always be that constant feeling that the war might not be over. A life with her won’t be a smooth ride but a roller coaster of feelings.

Still, if you decide to hold her hand in the bad days to come, you won’t be disappointed because she is a keeper.

6. She knows her worth

She has experienced so many bad things through her life, and that’s why she won’t settle for less than she deserves. All those things that damaged her emotionally just showed her how strong she really is.

That’s why she doesn’t let others screw her over anymore, and she has a damn good reason to feel that way—she is simply incredible!

7. She knows extreme happiness

A girl like this knows what it feels like to cry all night long thinking about her loved one. She can still feel that mix of cigarettes and alcohol in her mouth while she was trying to forget him.

She is the one who hit rock bottom and just because of that, she knows how to recognize true happiness. She is able to wake up every morning with a smile on her face, celebrating a new day to come!

8. She knows how to fight for you

Let’s face it, fighting was a part of her life. She did it on a daily basis to keep her emotions guarded. But this time, she will show you that she has no problems standing up for those she loves, including you.

She is not a quitter, and she will do even the impossible to save you from tears. Just because she knows how love can hurt, she does everything not to hurt you!

9. She needs so little to feel good

There are couples who are declaring their relationships on social media sites and showing off in that way. But she is totally different. It takes so little to make her happy.

Just a flower, a smile, or a nice gesture can make her heart melt. And when you think about it, it makes sense. Life is all about the small things, and she is clever enough to get it!

10. She isn’t afraid of love

Even if there was a man in her life who broke her to pieces and made her heartache, she still believes in love. She is not someone who will give up in front of the first bump in the road.

She only has one wish for the next man who will pop up into her life, and that wish is: “Please don’t fall in love with me, unless you are going to stay!”