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100 ‘I Am Sorry’ Quotes For Her & Him To Make Your Loved One Forgive You

100 ‘I Am Sorry’ Quotes For Her & Him To Make Your Loved One Forgive You

So, you’ve made the mistake of your life—you’ve hurt the one person you love the most.

You’ve broken your loved one’s heart and now, the only thing you want to do is make things right.

The truth is that you can’t undo your actions. You don’t have a time machine which will help you magically erase your mistakes. What is done is done.

The only thing you can do is offer your partner your sincere apology, and hope for the best. But you can’t just say that you are sorry.

They need to see that you’ve honestly repented for everything you’ve done and that you are ready to do everything in your power just to have their forgiveness and to have them back.

Well, if you are looking for ways to tell someone how sorry you actually are and for ways to get your loved one’s forgiveness, you’ve come to the right place because you are about to read 100 of the best ‘I am sorry’ quotes for your boyfriend or girlfriend.

100 ‘I Am Sorry’ Quotes For Her & Him

1. There is nothing I wish for right now other than your forgiveness and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for the sake of it

2. My heart will rot with guilt because I could never forgive myself for what I’ve done to you. But even then, it will continue beating to seek solace in your forgiveness. You can’t imagine how sorry I am

3. I will wait for your forgiveness until the end of time and I will never stop telling you how sorry I am for committing a crime against your heart

4. What will it take for me to do to earn your forgiveness? Because trust me—I miss you and I would do literally anything

5. On my path to redemption, I can only think of you. I just want a chance to make everything right and you are the only one who can give me that chance

6. I can’t stand the fact that I am the one who ruined your beautiful smile and that I am the cause of your tears. Could you please forgive me?

7. Hurting you was the mistake of my life and I promise you I will never do it again, if you just give me a chance to show you my better side

8. Only when I lost you did I see all of my mistakes. Only now that I have lost you do I realize that you are the best thing that ever happened to me. Only now do I realize that I was incredibly foolish for not seeing this sooner

9. I know you probably don’t believe me but the truth is that I couldn’t be sorrier for everything I’ve put you through

10. I don’t know why I am asking for your forgiveness when the truth is that I can’t forgive myself for hurting you

11. If you forgive me, I promise I’ll spend every day for the rest of my life repenting for the mistakes I’ve made. I promise I’ll make you fall back in love with me

12. Breaking your heart was the stupidest and the worst thing I’ve done in my life. I am so sorry

13. I lost the value of your smile and after this fight, I realize how much you mean to me. You are my one and only love and I am begging you to forgive me

14. They say that everything happens for a reason and that there is something good in every bad situation. Well, our argument has actually made me realize how much I love you and it made me see that I can’t live without you. Please take me back

15. Ever since you left, my life stopped. I’ve been just waiting for you to come back and forgive me. Even though we are physically apart, you are still a part of my heart and you always will be

16. When I lost you, I realized I’d lost the most valuable person in my life. Please, come back to me because nobody could ever take your place

17. Words can’t express how sorry I feel for hurting you. And I know that nothing can correct my mistakes but I just want you to know how sorry I am. I hope that you’ll accept my apology

18. I am sorry for taking you for granted and for thinking that you’d always stay by my side, no matter what I did. Now I see how it feels to lose you and all I can think of is the ways to have you back

19. My biggest mistake wasn’t hurting you—it was allowing my ego to stop me from apologizing for my mistakes right away

20. If you forgive me this time, I promise you with all of my heart that I will never repeat my mistake

21. The most honest apologies are never heard. Instead, they are felt by the heart. I sincerely hope that you can feel my heart weeping in regret of all the pain it has caused you

22. I feel bad because I made you cry. I am sorry and I will do everything in my power just to see you happy again

23. I know that deep down, you want to forgive me. Don’t let pride, ego and resentment ruin our love story

24. The truth is that you deserve better. You deserve someone who will treat and love you the way you deserve and I was never that person. I am sorry for that. Just give me another chance and I promise you I’ll become the person I always should have been

25. Sorry is a small word for the huge mistake I’ve made. But I’m ready to pay the price for my actions—just forgive me

26. Please, forgive me and mend my broken heart

27. Your forgiveness is the only thing that can save me. Because without you, I feel dead on the inside

28. They say, “To err is human, to forgive, divine”. I admit I am only a human being who made a horrible mistake. Could you be the bigger person and forgive me in a divine manner?

29. I am ready to die just to have your forgiveness because my life is pointless without you in it

30. If I could, I would wipe your memories of all the horrible things I’ve done to you. But sadly, I don’t have the ability to do such a thing. I can only promise to give you new, beautiful memories if you find the strength to forgive me

31. Yes, I am asking your forgiveness but I know that me saying how sorry I am is not enough. I know I have to change and I am more than ready to do so

32. I admit I overlooked your happiness when I hurt you. But now I realize that I could never be happy if you are not. Please forgive me for being selfish

33. Your forgiveness can’t change our past and it can’t wipe out all the bad things I’ve done. But it can give us a brighter future

34. I hope it’s not too late for me to at least try and make things right. Please, forgive me and let me back in

35. If you can’t see the tears in my eyes, I beg you to feel the pain in my heart because it will show you how sorry I am

36. I know I broke your heart and I want you to know that hurting you has also torn my heart apart. I am sorry, my loved one

37. If I just could turn back time, I would never cause you the pain I did. You might not believe me but the truth is that I am really sorry for all of my words and actions

38. The last thing you deserved was for me to hurt you. I am sorry and I promise never to do it again

39. If you can bring yourself to forgive me, I promise you I will become a better me, for you

40. I am sorry that I’ve messed everything up

41. My heart has been leaking ever since I caused you pain. Please plug in the holes with your forgiveness

42. I am sorry I couldn’t be the person you wanted and deserved me to be

43. The only thing I wish for right now is to take all your pain away and make you happy again. I am sorry and I love you

44. This is me asking for your forgiveness because I know I’ve done you harm and because for me, our relationship is way more important than my ego

45. There are no words which could express my regret for hurting you. I am truly sorry for letting you down

46. Ever since you left, it feels like dark clouds have obscured the sun from me. Please, forgive me and bring back the lightness in my life

47. I am sure you’ll find it in your heart to forgive me. Please accept my apology

48. I know I’ve caused you a lot of pain. And I know nothing can justify my actions—I just want you to know that I didn’t mean to hurt you. I want you to know that I am sorry

49. I am aware of the fact that I broke your heart when I betrayed your trust. Please, forgive me and give me a chance to repair my mistakes

50. Being sorry is the first step to repentance and repentance is the first step to being a better person. If you don’t forgive me, I could never be the best possible version of myself

If you still haven’t found the right words among the quotes listed above, here are some additional “I’m sorry quotes for him and her” by people who’ve turned them into art. Maybe their words can help as an inspiration for you to express just how truly sorry you are.

1. “Never ruin an apology with an excuse.” Unknown

2. “I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it.” Erwin Schrodinger

3. “It’s very hard for me to say I’m sorry… but I do.” Joe Nichols

4. “Sorry doesn’t prove anything unless you mean it.” Ashley Sexton

5. “In this life, when you deny someone an apology, you will remember it at the time you beg forgiveness..” Toba Beta

6. “But you know all about that, being sorry and having no words to say something when you know you should but you just can’t.” Heather Gudenkauf

7. “Oh I’m sorry for blaming you. For everything I just couldn’t do. And I’ve hurt myself from hurting you.” Christina Aguilera

8. “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.” Paul Boese

9. “I felt ashamed for what I had done. I don’t have any excuses. I did what I did. I take full responsibility for myself and my actions. I wouldn’t pawn this off on anybody. I’m sorry it happened. And I hurt people.” Louie Anderson

10. “Any good apology has 3 parts: 1) I’m sorry. 2) It’s my fault. 3) What can I do to make it right? Most people forget the third part.” Unknown

11. “ It’s three A.M. and I finally say I’m sorry for acting that way. I didn’t really mean to make you cry…” Jason Aldean

12. “So this is me swallowing my pride. Standing in front of you saying I’m sorry for
that night. “ Taylor Swift

13. “Saying ‘I’m sorry’ is saying ‘I love you’ with a wounded heart in one hand and your smothered pride in the other.” Richelle E. Goodrich

14. “When you forgive, you free your soul. But when you say I’m sorry, you free two souls.“ Donald L. Hicks

15. “Apologies aren’t meant to change the past; they are meant to change the future.“ Kevin Hancock

16. “For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” Unknown

17. “Be the hero of hearts; learn to say I’m sorry.” Richelle E. Goodrich

18. “Love forgives and keeps no records of wrongs.” Lailah Gifty Akita

19. “Flowers say you’re sorry. A date says you’ve learnt your lesson. A diamond says both the above. All three and you’re making her suspicious.” Saleem Sharma

20. “An apology is the superglue of life! It can repair just about anything!!” Lynn Johnston

21. “Let us forgive each other — only then will we live in peace.” Leo Tolstoy

22. “The more rational statement is that we feel sorry because we strike, afraid because we tremble, and not that we cry, strike, or tremble because we are sorry, angry, or fearful as the case may be.” William James

23. “Not admitting a mistake is a bigger mistake.” Robert Half

24. “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.” Bruce Lee

25. “The most important trip you may take in life is meeting people halfway.” Henry Boye

26. “The hero isn’t the one who is right, but the one who steps forward to take the blame – deserved or not – and apologize to save a relationship.” Richelle E. Goodrich

27. “Apologies bring people together.” Nick Smith

28. “Chocolate says, “I’m sorry” so much better than words.” Rachel Vincent

29. “The first to apologize is the bravest. The first to forgive is the strongest. The first to forget is the happiest.” Unknown

30. “An apology is a lovely perfume; it can transform the clumsiest moment into a gracious gift.” Margaret Lee Runbeck

31. “The reality is people mess up; don’t let one mistake ruin a beautiful thing.” Unknown

32. “You can’t stay mad at this face…can you?” Unknown

33. “So many things that we never will undo. I know you’re sorry. I’m sorry too.” Bob Dylan

34. “Truly saying sorry is never easy to do, and when you are, you just hope it’s not too late.” Justin Tranter

35. “Take your time. Don’t worry. I’ll wait forever, if that is what it’ll take for you to forgive me. I love you.” Unknown

36. “When you realize you’ve made a mistake, make amends immediately. It’s easier to eat crow while it’s still warm.” Dan Heist

37. “Admitting a mistake is not a weakness; on the contrary, it shows an openness of your heart. It takes guts to say sorry. Only a strong and well-balanced individual with the clarity of mind can do so effortlessly. Taking responsibility for your actions requires and develops your self-control. You become your own person.“ Vishwas Chavan

38. “Never believe you’re so great or important, so right or proud that you cannot kneel at the feet of someone you hurt and offer a humble, sincere apology.” Richelle E. Goodrich

39. “Apologizing is different from begging; it doesn’t change your status. Go ahead and get on your knees, spill tears if you got them, for the person you offended. If at all you had a place in their hearts, you’ll be totally forgiven and accepted.” Michael Bassey Johnson

40. “There’s a small window of opportunity to apologize sometimes after you’ve terribly wronged someone. It closes. Sometimes forever, but it never opens wide enough again for a good breeze.” Darnell Lamont Walker

41. “All relationships go through bad times, but real relationships get through bad times.” Anurag Prakash Ray

42. “Love in the real world means saying you’re sorry 10 times a day.” Kathie Lee Gifford

43. “I believe forgiveness is the best form of love in any relationship. It takes a strong person to say they’re sorry and an even stronger person to forgive.” Yolanda Hadid

44. “If you want a love message to be heard, it has got to be sent out. To keep a lamp burning, we have to keep putting oil in it.” Mother Teresa

45. “A bend in the road is not the end of the road… unless you fail to make the turn.” Unknown

46. “When I say, ‘I’m sorry,’ it’s because I regret something.” Luis Suarez

47. “The things two people do to each other they remember. If they stay together, it’s not because they forget; it’s because they forgive.” Demi Moore

48. “You can always say sorry, But the real apology is when you hear the sadness in their voice and see the look in their eyes. And you realize that they have hurt themselves just as much.” Kid Cudi

49. “Pride and ego makes a mockery of an apology. Humility wins forgiveness without question…so break ‘yo’self’!” T. F. Hodge

50. “Clementine settled for two words, “I’m sorry”, she said. She meant I’m sorry this happened. I’m sorry I didn’t see you were going through this. I’m sorry I maybe haven’t loved you the way you deserved to be loved. I’m sorry that when we faced our first crisis it showed up everything that was wrong in our marriage instead of everything that was right. I’m sorry we turned ON each other instead of TO each other.” Liane Moriarty

Whether you are in search of “I’m sorry quotes for him or I’m sorry quotes for her”, I am sure you will find just the thing you need among the 100 quotes listed above.

Always apologize—it’s always the better and more humane choice. But also remember:

“Nothing wrong with apologizing, but saying I’m sorry does nothing when you continue to make the same mistakes..” Unknown

So make sure that you never repeat a mistake after you said, “I’m sorry” because if you do, all your apologies are worthless.