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17 Traits Of A Kick-Ass Wife

17 Traits Of A Kick-Ass Wife

1. She makes her man be better and try harder.

She is an inspiration to him and she makes him want to be a better man. He believes in himself because of her endless support. Even when things aren’t so good, she keeps giving him encouragement that it’s going to get better.

2. She is independent.

He doesn’t need a clingy and needy girl. He needs the strong and independent woman that she is, a woman who knows how to do things for herself and knows how to solve a problem maturely. Codependency is not sexy and she knows it.

3. She never judges.

She knows that everyone’s got a past. She knows that no one is perfect and we all have skeletons in the closet. That’s why she is so forgiving, that’s why she lets some things slide because she knows that a man has to make a mistake in order to learn from it.

4. The sex is mind-blowing.

Confidence meets sexy. How can anything possibly go wrong?

5. She cares for him.

These are not just words. She shows it to him every day. She is there for him when he’s feeling down and she laughs with him when he’s happy. Her deeds show what kind of a person she is, a loving and a caring one.

6. She has so many things in common.

She didn’t force herself to learn to love the same things he does. Sometimes these things just happen. Two people are born to be with each other and having same interests is something that only brings them closer to each other.

7. She is a kick-ass cook.

This isn’t a must and sometimes men cook so much better than women, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like eating something the love of their life made. After all, a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

8. She speaks her mind.

She won’t stay quiet if she has something to say. That’s why their marriage works. They face each other if there’s a problem and they say what is in their hearts and their minds, so they always talk things out. But, listen, nothing is perfect. There is arguing and yelling, but it’s all part of a normal life as long as you come up with a healthy solution.

9. She is there to catch him when he falls.

This is what makes him courageous. He doesn’t have to worry that she’ll turn her back on him because she won’t, ever. She knows that they are a team and they have to act like it. And also, he would do the same thing for her.

10. She shows interest in his life.

She wants to be a part of his life. She wants to enjoy the same things he does. She wants to do stuff with him and he wants to include her more. Maybe sometimes he even sacrifices doing things he likes only because he knows she is not a fan but won’t tell her.

11. She is always ready for action.

She is adventurous and wants to do new things and go to new places. She hates being stuck in one place for a long time, so she’s always bringing something new to the relationship, as he is, too. She can leave everything behind and isn’t scared of anything and that is what makes him crazy in love with her.

12. You are on the same level.

You share the same values and similar outlook on life. You both aspire to greater things and you won’t stop until you make it. You’re both stubborn the same and you both love the same. You’re just perfect for each other.

13. She is his best friend.

Other than like a lover, she loves him like a friend. They have the whole package; they’re just adorable.

14. She wants to keep growing.

She wants to learn new things because you can learn as long as you live and even then you won’t know everything. She is aware of that. She knows she has great potential and she wants to use it. This is what he finds irresistible and sexy about her—her will and her determination.

15. She is always smiling.

Smiling is a way of life for her. No matter what and even if her life gets hard, she will smile and be happy. She knows that there is always a silver lining somewhere—you just have to find it. Her glass is never half empty; it’s always half full.

16. She will stand by him for better or worse.

The two of them are warriors in a battle called life. They eat together, sleep together and fight together.

17. She surprises him.

She does this just ‘because’. She doesn’t ask for anything in return. She does it because she loves him, and the look on his face and his smile are all the rewards she wants and needs.