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2. Be a high-value woman

If you really want to know what men want and how to be attractive to them, confidence is key. Know what you want, go after it and never apologize for it.

Now this doesn’t mean that you should go after every guy who catches your eye and sleep with as many men as you can get your hands on.

What this means is that you should find that someone you are attracted to, focus on winning him over and then put yourself out there confidently and without worrying about being too assertive.

It’s important that you never let men make you feel bad about knowing your worth and not shying away from being confident in your pursuit of the right man.

Always aim to be a woman of high standards whose beliefs and perspectives cannot be shaken by some weak-ass man who’s so insecure that he needs to put other people down.

You know what you want and you know better than to settle.

If a man doesn’t live up to your criteria, walk away and seek someone who will. Simple as that.

Here is how you can use your self-worth to your advantage and find yourself a good guy:

• Know what you want and don’t settle for less, no matter how charming the guy may be.

• Let your personality shine and don’t hide any parts of yourself to indulge a man’s fragile ego.

• Realize that you’re the catch and let go of anyone who makes you feel otherwise.