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5 Myths About The Other Women You Should Know

5 Myths About The Other Women You Should Know

Knowing that there is another woman in your partner’s life fills you with many insecurities.

This is especially difficult if you already have low self-confidence. You think that not only you cannot love yourself but also that others cannot love you.

Knowing that there is another woman able to steal your man so easily from you also makes you question everything that has happened in your relationship.

You begin thinking that every single thing was a big fat lie.

Those wonderful nights out, spent enjoying each other’s company, all the nice moments you shared, those 3 big words, “I love you!” now seem like they were all acted out.

What you’ve learned from watching all those TV dramas is that the other woman always has certain privileges in a man’s life.

If he cannot give her the privilege of being called his wife or his girlfriend, he must make it up for that.

Maybe he buys her expensive gifts or maybe he takes her out to fancy restaurants … You don’t know.

But the very thought of it is driving you crazy. He never took you out to fancy restaurants. He never bought you gifts unless it was for a special occasion.

And these thoughts are making you angry. You cannot believe that none of those wonderful moments were real. You are eating yourself up inside.

What does the other woman have that I don’t? Does he love her?

Sometimes you don’t even want to think about her and their relationship. However, you find yourself constantly imagining all the qualities that the other woman has.

Experiencing triangulation will make you see things as they are not. You will not be able to keep your head cool, and you will not be able to see things clearly.

That’s why it is important to know about the myths women tend to have when it comes to the other woman.

It is important to remember that these myths are called myths for a reason.

Here are some:

He loves her!

Your man was probably physically attracted to that woman. He liked her appearance and that was probably the only reason.

Sometimes, the other woman is not even that pretty. She is just within reach.

For him, hooking up with another woman meant just wanting to take a bite out of the forbidden fruit.

She is more worthy than I am!

You begin thinking of this woman as a great person. Don’t rush with your thoughts. You might find that you were terribly wrong.

The other woman is like a toy for him. He uses her to try things he did not have the courage to do with you. In most cases, she is just a pastime.

She has something that I don’t!

This is probably the most popular myth we tend to believe about the other woman. Honestly speaking, this is actually not even close to reality.

Women are beating themselves up thinking about this. You will spend days thinking that you lack some qualities, and you will notice small imperfections about yourself.

Let’s face it! We are all humans, and we all have flaws. The fact that he had an affair with another girl doesn’t mean she was better than you.
Just think about it for a moment.

You are worthy. You are beautiful. If you were not, he wouldn’t have picked to be with you in the first place.

They have more things in common!

It is possible that your partner has some things in common with the other woman.

But having things in common with somebody is not necessarily being meant for each other. You also know that opposites attract.

She knows more about him than I do!

This can never be the case unless the woman is his ex. If she is not, then just remember that your partner and you have a history together. You experienced many hardships.

You went through many things. You are the one who knows what kind of pajamas he likes wearing. You are the one who knows his childhood stories.

You are the one who knows he likes sleeping on the left side of the bed. It is pure logic. You know him better.