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5 Reasons Why She’s Given Up Casual Relationships

5 Reasons Why She’s Given Up Casual Relationships

In modern dating, casual relationships are a thing.

You meet a guy, you hook up, and you go on with your almost relationship without any real commitment.

On the one hand, this can be a great arrangement.

You have some fun with the person you like and you meet your sexual needs without any obligations.

However, there are some people who aren’t made for this kind of relationship.

And this girl is one of them.

The truth is that she’s had her share of NSA relationships.

She knows how they work and that’s exactly why she’s decided to give up on them altogether.

1. It brought her more bad than good things

For a while, this girl tried to make casual dating work out.

She thought there was nothing in it for her to lose and that she could just have some good time.

However, things didn’t always go as planned and the way she wished them to turn out.

In fact, when she put everything on a scale, casual relationships brought her many more bad than good days, many more tears than smiles, and much more sadness than happiness.

Even though she’d probably never admit this out loud, the truth is that this kind of dating broke this girl’s heart more than once. 

It brought her numerous sleepless nights and oceans of tears, headaches, and heartache.

It brought her insecurities, self-doubt, and inner struggles.

2. She wants more

The fact is that this girl wants more from relationships and she’s finally not ashamed to admit it.

For a long time, she kept deceiving herself and others that the crumbs of love and attention she was getting were more than enough.

Well, now she’s come to her senses and realized that having a man who is only half way hers is just settling for less.

She’s realized she doesn’t want to be anyone’s booty call or friend with benefits.

Actually, she wants a real deal – an all-or-nothing kind of relationship. 

She doesn’t want to be with someone temporary or convenient.

She doesn’t need a man to fill her day up while leaving her soul empty, nor a guy who will give her physical pleasure without providing her with real intimacy.

This girl’s realized she wants a full time boyfriend – one who will be her best friend and partner in crime.

A relationship that won’t come with an expiration date or deadline.

3. And she knows she deserves it

Before going through this enlightening process, this girl hesitated to verbalize her desires, scared that she was asking for too much.

She was afraid that she was looking for perfection and that everyone would consider her too picky when it comes to men.

However, all of this changed once she saw her worth and understood she really does deserve the type of man she wants.

She raised her standards and decided not to lower them for anyone.

4. She refuses to blend in

In today’s dating, casual relationships are perfectly normal.

In fact, you’d be called a weirdo if you want to commit right away or a foolish, hopeless romantic if you believe in romance and are looking for true love.

To be honest, this was one of the main reasons this girl even got herself involved in these types of relationships.

If everyone could do it, why wouldn’t she give it a shot as well?

However, she realized that she isn’t like everyone else and she got tired of trying to fit into something that is presented as normal.

She’s ready to risk being an outcast or remaining forever alone rather than make herself miserable by going back to meaningless relationships that cannot fill her void.

5. She isn’t cut out for it

After a while, this girl came to terms with the fact that she simply isn’t made for half loves.

She doesn’t have the ability to control her emotions and she can’t order herself not to fall in love with someone.

When she enters a relationship, she goes all the way in, even when she knows she shouldn’t.

Despite all her efforts, her mind can’t seem to control her heart.