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5 Signs He Likes You Back

5 Signs He Likes You Back

Having a crush on someone is exciting and fun. But, if you are dealing with a guy who is tough to read and whose signals you have trouble understanding, it can also be quite challenging. If you are crushing on someone who is impossible to figure out, the only way to know about his feelings is to ask him, but that is the last thing you want to do. But, there are some behaviour patterns that most men display when they are growing feelings for a woman and here are 5 of them, which will help you see if an object of your affection likes you back or not.

1. He is always available for you

One of the first things that will show you a guy is interested in you is the fact that he is never too busy for you. If a guy doesn’t like you, he will avoid you and will always make excuses why he can’t talk to you or see you. But, this man is different. He always has time for you and it seems that you never bore him. He’ll leave everything he’s doing at the moment just to talk to you and he’ll answer your call even if it is the middle of the night. Whenever you need his help, this guy will be there to assist you, without any trouble whatsoever. It seems that for this guy, nothing is a disturbance when it comes to you and that is a definite sign he likes you back.

2. He enjoys your presence

Another sign that a man is into you is the fact that he enjoys having you around. This guy goes out of his way just to be near you. He calls you to hang out or makes different excuses just to see you. Whenever you call him to meet with you, he never refuses. Instead, he gladly accepts your invitations. When you are together, you see that he is really happy to be around you. Besides, he is always in your physical space. Somehow, he always finds a way to sit right next to you or to be close to you in some other way.

3. He is nervous around you

You probably think that only teenage boys are nervous around their crush. But, trust me—you can’t be more wrong. The same is with men of all ages. If they like you, they will probably be shy and nervous when you are around. You can notice this if the object of your affection bites his nails or shakes his leg too often every time you are with him. You may assume that he is quiet around you because he doesn’t like you back, but that is far from the truth. He just doesn’t know what to say when he sees you. Also, he is probably afraid that he’ll become a blubbering mess if he starts talking in front of you, so he decides it’s better to stay silent.

4. He treats you specially

When a man doesn’t like you, he’ll treat you the same way he treats every other female in his life. He may act like a gentleman, but if his behaviour towards you doesn’t stand out from his behaviour to everyone else, he probably sees you as a friend. But, if a guy has romantic feelings for you, he’ll make sure you always feel special around him. If a man likes you, he will interact with you differently than with everyone else. When the two of you are together, this guy will have eyes for you only and you’ll feel like you are the only woman in the room. If the two of you are with a group of people and you tell a joke, he’ll be the one with the loudest laugh and whenever he’s telling a story, he’ll look for your approval.

5. He responds to you right away

One of the things that can help you know whether a guy is into you are his texting habits. When a guy really likes you, he will never leave you waiting for him to get back to you, wondering what went wrong and why is he ignoring you. If you text him, he will respond immediately and if you call him, he’ll always pick up the phone, no matter what he is doing at the moment. And not only that. You see that he is genuinely happy when you contact him. This guy never shows you a single sign that you annoy him and that has to mean something. Of course, it is possible that he is only polite and friendly, but if a man is happy to hear from you at all times, he definitely has a crush on you as well.