People say there is a thin line between love and hate. There are a lot of us who can testify to the truthfulness of those words. All the good and positive things we felt toward that other person can turn into hatred in a matter of seconds.

Hatred is not something positive. It’s not something you ever wanted but sometimes it is inevitable, especially in the early stages of a break-up. Of course you will forgive and forget all about him later on, but it takes time and a little bit of resentment in those early stages.

Some dose of hatred at the beginning is normal and totally excusable because that’s when you are just starting to realize all the things that were wrong in your relationship.

It’s like you chose to be blind and let some things pass because you loved him. Only after you are far away from that person and the relationship can you see that they did you wrong.

Nothing turns love into hate quicker than the things listed below:

1. He only loved himself

He always knew how to make things all about him. His needs always came first and yours came second. If he was happy and completely content, only then would he dedicate his time to you. He taught you what the word selfish really means.

He would always brag about himself but he would never acknowledge your success. You were underappreciated to say the least. He had no love to share because he kept it all for himself.

2. He lied all the time

Lying became a part of who he was. His lying habits started small and then grew bigger and bigger until you had a real compulsive liar to deal with.

He started off with something simple like when you would text him at 9 p.m. and he responded at 3 p.m. the next day with, “Sorry babe, I was already asleep.” Eventually, he lied so much that you couldn’t trust a word that came out of his mouth. His stories would change every time he retold them.

3. He didn’t stand up for you when he should have

In some situations, like when his friends or his family said some awful things to you, he would always stay silent.

He would let you put up with disrespect and later, when you were alone, he would say they were wrong to do that. But it was too late then. He should’ve defended you when he had the chance.

4. He was good for nothing

He was terminally unemployed. He was looking for a job while secretly hoping he wouldn’t find one. So you ended up paying for most things.

Even if he found some job, it would only be for a short period and you would be stuck with the bills and everything else anyways. He would feel no shame in letting you pay for everything by yourself.

5. He cheated on you

Of course you are allowed to hate his back-stabbing ass. Cheating is unforgivable. You put your trust in him and he betrayed you cold-heartedly.

One day he was declaring his love for you and the next he was warming some other girl’s bed. If that’s love, you don’t need it.