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5 Things You Should NEVER Do When Your Ex Texts You

5 Things You Should NEVER Do When Your Ex Texts You

Exes are exes for a reason.

But that doesn’t mean that they feel the same way.

Sometimes when a guy breaks up with a girl, he realizes that she was amazing and he wants to get back to her. In that kind of mental state, he is willing to do anything to win her back. And when I say anything, I really mean it.

But I just hope that you will be so smart and that you won’t go back to him because of a dozen red roses or some love quote that he found on the Net.

Remember that you need to put yourself first and never let him take advantage of you again. So, here are some things that you should never do if you want to save yourself from tears.

1. When he texts you don’t text back immediately

You see, if you text him back immediately, he will think that he is still an important person in your life. Okay, maybe he is but he doesn’t need to know about that. Let him sweat a little bit.

Go to social media and post things so he can see that you are online but that you are not answering his texts. That will let him know that he is not as important to you as he thought and he will want you even more.

Who knows, if he starts behaving like an adult man and not like a jerk, maybe you can give him a second chance.

2. Don’t ask questions right away

If you ask him questions, he will think that you are interested in his life. Let him be the one to ask questions. You just answer with a short “yes” or “no”. That will make him crazy and he will feel sorry for doing all those bad things to you.

Now he deserves the silent treatment and that is only behavior that he will get from you. And in case he texts you after midnight, you can see what he is up to. He just thinks you are a booty call to him and he reaches out because he has nothing to lose.

What a jerk, right?

3. Don’t forget the reason you broke up with him

Did he cheat on you? Did he neglect you? Did he abuse you? All of these can be reasons why you broke up with him in the first place.

So, once he texts, don’t forget why you dumped him. I bet you will change your mind and just leave your phone.

Once you choose yourself above him, you will finally be happy. And by not texting him back, you re on the right path to achieving that.

4. Don’t take his words personally

I know that he was an important person once in your life, but he doesn’t have any right to hurt you. Actually, he never did. So whatever you do, don’t take his words personally. Don’t believe him when he says that he has a new girlfriend that is better in bed than you.

Don’t buy his shit that he got over you and that he is living a perfect life. Why do you think he reached out to you in the first place? If he is happy, he would never text you back. This is a sign that he is just faking and that he realized how amazing you are.

5. Don’t think about getting back with him

Whatever he says, no matter how he tries to trick you, never go back to him. By going back to him, you are just giving him another bullet to kill you because he missed you the first time.

If he couldn’t see how you are an amazing person the first time he was with you, he definitely doesn’t deserve a second chance. Respect yourself enough to tell him to back off and find the happiness in your life you deserve so much.