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If He Does These 5 Things, He Is Not Your Forever Person

If He Does These 5 Things, He Is Not Your Forever Person

You’ll encounter many different guys on your path but only one of them is your forever person.

You may be in a relationship in which you share deep emotions with your partner but something simply doesn’t feel right. It is possible that deep down you know he is not your forever person and that is what is actually bothering you.

If you are in doubt whether your partner is the right person for you or not, here is a list of 5 things your forever person will never do.

1. He lies to you

Let’s face it—we all lie here and there. But when you are in a committed relationship, the truth is not negotiable and lying is never an option. The truth is always better, no matter how harsh it is.

If your boyfriend or husband frequently lies to you, he is not your forever person, no matter how much you would like him to be. It doesn’t matter what he lies to you about—whether it’s his schedule, his past relationships or his emotions; the point is that this guy doesn’t feel like he can be 100% open and sincere with you and something like that is not a firm base for a long-lasting relationship.

What your lying boyfriend doesn’t understand is that lying insults your intelligence and if he lies to you, he is definitely playing you for a fool. A guy who is your forever person will always know that honesty is the best policy, no matter the circumstances.

2. He cheats on you

There is one thing you should always remember—cheating is never acceptable. If your man has ever cheated on you, there is no excuse for what he did. If the two of you had some troubles in the relationship, he should have tried harder to make things work out, instead of going to someone else.

Your forever person will never cheat on you, no matter what happens, because he respects you more than that. On the other hand, if a guy is not the right person for you, he’ll be interested in other women besides you.

Cheating doesn’t have to be only about sex—your partner is cheating on you if he flirts with other girls or if you caught him chatting up someone else.

Sometimes, an emotional affair can be more painful than actual physical cheating and if your man is your forever person, he will never consider putting you through that kind of pain.

3. He puts everyone else before you

When you are with your forever person, he will always put you first. But if you are dating a guy who is not the one for you, you’ll never be a priority to him. For this guy, everything and everyone is always way more important than you.

He is always too busy to hear you out and your problems are irrelevant to him. This guy will never give you enough of his attention or his time and they are clear signs you are not his forever person.

No matter how hard you try and no matter what you do, there will always be something more important to him. Of course, there are times when other life issues are at the forefront of your partner’s mind but there is no excuse for making you feel unimportant.

When you are with this man, you constantly feel like you have to beg for his time and attention and that is not how your forever person should make you feel.

4. He tries to change you

When a man truly loves you, he will accept you for the way you are, despite all of your imperfections. But when you are in a relationship with a man who is not your forever person, he will try to change you to fit his standards.

That means that this guy doesn’t love you and that he just loves the idea of having a girlfriend. Instead of focusing on the things he likes about you, a man who is not your forever person will focus on your flaws.

He will try to change your looks, your habits, your job, your friends and your personality in general and these are clear signs he is not your forever person.

5. He tries to control you

One of the signs that the guy you are involved with is not your forever person is his desire to control you. Of course, you may think that his jealousy is a sign that he is scared of losing you but your forever person will always respect your liberty.

Unhealthy jealousy and a desire for control are signs of insecurity. A guy who wants to control you wants to dominate you and this clearly shows that he is not the one for you.

On the other hand, your forever person will never have trouble being in an equal partnership with you and this is something you should wait for.