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5 Unexpected Things That Can Cause Hot Sex Dreams

5 Unexpected Things That Can Cause Hot Sex Dreams

We all dream about what goes on in our life. Our subconscious works 24/7, no matter whether we’re sleeping or not.

So all of our hidden wishes and cravings or fears and pain appear in our dreams. But not just that.

Among those regular dreams, nice ones or nightmares, we also dream about sex.

In fact, it’s scientifically proven that people usually dream about sex more than anything else. Are we perverts because of that? Of course not!

Here’s the thing, though: dreaming about sex-related things, like how to please your man in bed , which sex positions are the best one to use, about foreplay and the act itself, don’t necessarily have to even be about sex.

Unless you’re terribly horny, sex dreams usually mean that you’re merging the two sides of yourself into one.

Imagine that you’ve had a dream about having sex with your best friend and you’re freaked out because that is not what you want. But then again, you’ve had the dream.

That sex dream is a metaphor for mental merging. Sex represents a physical merging of two bodies and when you dream about it, it means that you’re getting close to a person you care about.

Your minds are merging into one, you’re getting closer to each other. It means that you’ve connected in real life.

But what causes us to have sex dreams?

There are some unexpected things you see or hear that nest themselves in your mind and come out when you least expect them.

You’ve made life-changing decisions

Any big decision, especially a positive one, will lead you to dream about having sex.

When you actually have sex, you are happy because your brain produces the happy hormone. All of your senses are turned on like light bulbs.

Well, when you make a decision that will lead your life onto a better and happier path, you also have that similar feeling.

It’s logical that when you go to sleep, your brain sends information which you associate with the feeling of having sex, so you create an image just like that.

You’re not getting laid enough

Although having sex dreams doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with sex, the fact you’re not getting laid enough makes you think about sex non-stop, even when you’re sleeping, is not excluded.

Your brain lacks the hormones that get released while you’re having sex and your body craves sexual release.

You just need to blow off some steam and your mind is telling you that in your sleep.

So while you’re dreaming about make-out positions and preparing for the sexual experience of your life, when you wake up, have it in mind that you need to go out and get some.

You’re creative

Sex and creativity are linked. You can’t be good at sex if you’re not creative.

It’s like painting on a huge canvas; you have an empty canvas and it’s up to you what to do with it.

You can leave it empty, you can draw a line or you can use dozens of colors and shapes. Get it?

So don’t be surprised if you dream about sex if you’re on the verge of creative expression, if you’re using your creativity in your daily life and you’re close to making changes with it.

Creativity inspires sex dreams.

You’re attracted to someone

If you like him, you’ll dream about him and that’s that!

You’re going to have dirty sex dreams about the person you’re attracted to, especially if nothing yet has happened between you.

Your mind is trying to tell you what your body wants, so it projects those dirty thoughts while you’re sleeping.

Although dreaming about having sex doesn’t have to have anything to do with sex, sometimes it just does. Sometimes, the attraction is just too strong for your subconscious to ignore.

You admire someone

When you’re dreaming about having sex with someone, it doesn’t have to mean that you’re sexually attracted to that person.

It doesn’t have to mean that you want to get your way with them.

There is something about this person you admire, something that makes them interesting to you.

When you go back and think about that person, you realize they have some of the qualities you’d like to have. You want to be more like them.

The bottom line is that sex dreams don’t have to be about sex.

Sex dreams can emerge from your everyday situations and your desires, which transform into having sex in a dream. And imagine if you have an orgasm while you’re at it.

It’s just perfect. Orgasms, while you’re asleep, are almost better than having sex for real.