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These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Win Every Fight

These 5 Zodiac Signs Will Win Every Fight


Aries are very competitive and if you are stuck in a fight with someone born under this sign, you’ll probably lose. Don’t feel bad about it because that’s just the way it has to be.

They are born leaders and they know how to humor their group of people.

But at the same time, they will fight to the death to win any argument or fight (especially if it’s for the well-being of the group).

These people radiate positive energy—the energy of a winner and people are kind of intimidated by them. It’s all in the attitude and Aries have got one!


Gemini are very witty. Be sure they will have some cunning plans in their heads and they will always be one step ahead of you.

If you think about it more closely, there is really no point in starting a fight with a Gemini because right at the beginning, you know you will lose.

They like to gloat. It makes them feel even more important, but to them, it makes perfect sense because they are always right anyway.


They have a specific trait—super confidence. They will walk proudly like a true lion—like they own everything.

And if someone tries to oppose them and start a fight, they will convince the one they are fighting that they have won the argument. That’s how good they are.

They like the leadership role and they will take it whether you like it or not.

In a fight, it’s hard to wait for your turn because a Leo has always got something to say. So, maybe you would have had any chance if you had time to speak at all.


Virgos are over-analyzing, control-freakish little devils. You have to be very careful of what you’re going to say around them. That’s why they are very good when it comes to fighting.

They will carefully watch your every move and remember your every word.

And then they will let you talk and just wait for the perfect moment when you may say something kind of wrong or contradictory. That’s when you’re going down and a Virgo will totally win!

In other words, they will analyze everything, including life, and probably they will always be right—about everything. There’s no point in fighting them.

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Being one of the most passionate signs of the Zodiac, their fights are passionate as well.

Scorpios will never keep their mouths shut—not in life in general and definitely not in fights.

They will be the loudest ones there. They will speak their minds and they will have the last word.

It’s just the way they are. No one is allowed to talk after a Scorpio is done.