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6 Non-Sexual Physical Features Men Find Most Attractive In Women

6 Non-Sexual Physical Features Men Find Most Attractive In Women

Sexiness is, in most cases, a universal thing, especially for men.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what men find most attractive in women, but is there anything besides big boobs, wide hips, and a nice booty?

You wouldn’t believe it, but there are plenty of non-sexual qualities that make a woman incredibly sexy. Here are 6 of those features:


It’s commonly known that eyes reveal a lot about that person. Eyes are definitely the most attractive facial feature that men go for in women.

Whether it is the shape, the color or just the way you look at them, men will go crazy about beautiful eyes and it’s the first thing they notice on a woman’s face.


The second most important facial feature will be a woman’s smile.

No one likes negative people, and if you’re not smiling enough, you’ll leave the impression that you’re not really a positive person.

Show off those pearly whites, add some red lipstick and he will definitely flip out when seeing you.


Even though they don’t necessarily notice when you changed your hair, they definitely love long, shiny and full hair.

Playing with your hair while looking at him can make a drastic change in his attraction to you.

Every guy has his own preferred hair color so you can’t really generalize about that, but one thing is for sure – men get turned on when seeing a woman with beautiful hair.


Many men agree that they can get turned on just by hearing a woman’s voice, especially a high-pitched one.

Studies have shown that men associate a high-pitched voice with youthfulness and having a small, feminine body, which guys find hot.


A sexy body can’t be perfect without being tall, with legs that are proportionate in length to their height.

Taller women are rated as more attractive, but this can be a double-edged sword for a man, because of his natural instinct to be the dominant one in a relationship, so if a girl is taller or even the same height as he is, he might feel intimidated.

Overall Posture

Posture and how women groom themselves are quite important. It’s the way you carry yourselves, with confidence and a lot of self-esteem, which men like a lot.

This also includes the way a woman walks, and not only the way of walking but the way she walks into a room and somehow instantly catches his attention.

It’s about the vibration she gives off, and even without seeing her, a guy can nonetheless feel her presence.

Also taking care of yourself shows that you are healthy and self-aware.