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6 Perfect Sex Positions For A One-Night Stand

6 Perfect Sex Positions For A One-Night Stand

What is a perfect sex position? Well, it depends on whom you are having sex with.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you will probably use some sex positions to make you feel closer to your partner.

You will want to make the bond between the two of you deeper. But if you hooked with that handsome waiter and you are bringing him home to totally loosen yourself up, only the sky is the limit.

You can try as many new poses as you like and no, you don’t need to be good at them. It’s not like you will see him again. One-night stand, remember?

So, if you think this night will be unforgettable, here are some wild sex positions that you need to try!

Good, old doggy style

Let’s face it ladies—you don’t want to feel things in your heart but in your vagina. And what is better than doggy style?

Your partner will have all the control and both of you will get the dose of pleasure that you want.

There will be no eye contact and no deeper bond, just pure sex. To spice things up, you can talk dirtier than ever and nobody will blame you for that.

You have all the rights to get wild and do things that you always wanted to do but you were always shy about it.

The dine and dash

For this sex position, you don’t need to go to the bedroom. The kitchen counter will be just fine. You can sit on the counter while your partner is in front of you.

In this way, you can have good foreplay with a lot of kissing and licking, and when you are both ready for the main act, he can just bring you closer aaaannnddd TOUCHDOWN!

He is in and he is making you feel insanely good. When you are done, the kitchen doors are next to you, so you won’t need to make stupid excuses about keeping in touch.

Just saying thanks and bye will be enough!

The blindfold bluff

If you are already horny and ready for some action, I suggest a new sex position for a one-night stand.

Cover your partner’s eyes with your hands (or your panties) and play a dominant person.

Do things that you always wanted to do like punishing when he doesn’t do what you want or when he doesn’t moan and you need it for your pleasure. You can stop when you see him begging to finally get into you.

In that case, if he deserves it, you can sit on him and finally give him the sweet pleasure that he has been waiting for such a long time.

The late-night slider

When you try this position only once, it will be your one-night stand position for entire life.

You just need to hop aboard your partner while you touch their chest with your boobs.

Eye contact will be easy to have, so you can watch him while he is saying what he would do to you in that moment. If that doesn’t make you reach a climax in say 3 seconds, I don’t know what can!

X marks the spot

If you are brave enough (and drunk enough), you can try this tricky position. You need to lie down on your bed or on a table while your partner is standing up.

Rest your crossed legs against his chest. In this way, he will be the one having all the control, but you won’t miss anything as well.

This is a great position for him to reach your G-spot, so you will climax in no time.


If you are in a nightclub and you badly want to fuck that handsome guy, you just need to go to the toilet and close the doors. After that, you can lean on the doors and let him do all the work from behind.

For extra pleasure, he can hold your boobs and squeeze them while he is penetrating into you. Trust me—pleasure is 100% guaranteed!