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6 Telltale Signs He’s Not That Into You

6 Telltale Signs He’s Not That Into You

Girls, let’s face it – men can be complicated. In the crazy dating game girls can get such a bad reputation for not knowing what we want, but it’s time to flip the lid on those pesky males because they can be just as bad.

When it comes to dating, we like to keep our cards close to our chest. There’s so much impact and false importance placed on ‘playing hard to get’ and ‘treat ‘em mean, keep ‘em keen’ that it can be difficult to figure out what someone really thinks.

If you’re trying to suss out whether someone likes you or not, reading all of these confusing signals can be nigh on impossible. This can be particularly tough when you think that you might be catching feelings for someone but you just can’t figure out if they’re feeling the same.

Ladies, it’s time to read between the lines and ditch the dudes who aren’t cutting the mustard. Here are the telltale signs he’s just not that into you. If your man is displaying any of these, then you need to kick him to the curb and upgrade. Let’s go!

1. Communication is the key

The bottom line is – when you’re into someone, you want to speak to them. When you first begin dating someone, if you like each other then you should be in the honeymoon period, simply unable to get enough of each other. If you’re waiting for a text back without good reason, then it doesn’t look like good news.

Granted, occasionally there are times when a person can’t get to their phone. If they’re at work or if they’re with family or perhaps out with the boys. However, if someone can’t spare two seconds of their time to check in with you, make sure you’re ok or just reply to a message you’ve sent, then they’re just not that into you.

There’s no excuse for sloppy communication – we all deserve attention and affection, and if someone’s not giving you those things in the very early stages then the chances are they never will.

2. Lack of interest

It’s imperative to be with someone who cares about your life. Though you might not necessarily have shared interests, having someone there who is interested in what you have to say, cares about your opinion and wants to know how you are is essential if you want a relationship to get off the ground.

If you find yourself with someone who is aloof, uninterested in conversation and simply not taking the time to listen to how your day was, hear your opinion and ask about your life, then you need to show them the door.

3. Attention

When you’re spending time with someone – you want their focus and their attention to be on you, as you would expect from any partner.

If you’re out with someone and you find they’re constantly on their phone or not showing you the attention that you deserve, then it might just be because they don’t quite like you as much as you once thought.

Similarly, to reiterate the first point in this article, if when you’re apart there is a distinct lack of attention from this person you’re choosing to dedicate your time to, then you have to question where their attention is.

Of course, everyone is entitled to their alone time and there’s a fine line between standing up for yourself and being a bit clingy. Having said this, everyone should be able to dedicate enough time and attention to someone who means a lot to them, and that’s the bottom line.

4. Keeping a secret

If someone is serious about you and really likes you – they will have told someone about you. Whether that’s their friends or family (or both, which is what should naturally happen), there’s absolutely no way that you should be a secret.

If you sense that your partner is keeping you a secret for a little longer than is normal, then maybe it’s time to start wondering if he’s really as into you as you think.

Of course, when a relationship is new there are naturally those who wish to take things a little more slowly and this is perfectly normal. However, if things have been going on for a decent amount of time and they don’t want to introduce you to their friends or family, then not only is it a little upsetting, but it’s quite suspicious too.

Never forget that you deserve to be shown off to the world – don’t spend time with someone who you aren’t convinced is into you.

5. Shady behavior

Girls – this is where we implore you to trust your intuition. If you sense that someone is keeping something from you, then the odds are that you’re probably right. Whether they’re a little suspicious with their phone, off the radar when you’re apart or engaging in peculiar social media conversations with girls you’ve not seen or heard of before – all of these things could be red flags.

Of course, all of these things could be perfectly coincidental and it’s important to calm down and assess the situation before questioning, but if you sense that something isn’t right – don’t be afraid to ask.

If you’re under the impression that you’re exclusive and should be taking all of someone’s attention, don’t let them keep secrets and entertain others because you deserve better. Also, this probably means that they’re just not that into you.

6. Excuses, excuses, excuses

If you believe that someone is playing you with excuses, then they most probably are. Whether they are giving you excuses for lackluster communication, excuses for not wanting to see you or excuses for not treating you how you deserve, then all of these things aren’t right.

If someone constantly has excuses for you rather than justifications for behavior that isn’t making you happy, then, unfortunately – they might just not be that into you.

Unfortunately, none of these points are nice behaviors to be on the receiving end of. Being led on by someone who possibly isn’t that into you is hurtful, but nipping a dead end relationship in the bud is a short term hurt for a long term gain.

Leaving someone who doesn’t treat you correctly only paves the way for someone who will – so keep your head high, acknowledge what you deserve and never settle for less.