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6 Texts You’ll Regret Sending Him After The Break-Up

6 Texts You’ll Regret Sending Him After The Break-Up

How many times have you reached to grab your phone ever since you and your ex parted ways?

How many times have you thought it was a good idea to text him, thinking it would make you feel better?

Should you do it? Should you text him or is it better to leave things the way they are?

Well, let me tell you that you’re not alone.

Almost every girl going through a recent break-up had the same thoughts running through her head.

That is why we’re bringing you a collection of post-break-up texts you shouldn’t even think of sending him, as much as you’d like to.

‘I miss you’

Yes, there are moments when you can’t handle your emotions, as much as you try to.

Moments in which they overwhelm you to the point where you can’t breathe or function properly.

However, that is not even the worst part.

The worst part is that you think that the only way to feel better is to share your longing with the one who caused it.

You think you will feel better the moment you send your ex a text that you can’t make it without him. Well, guess what? You won’t.

In fact, you’ll be even worse when he doesn’t reply.

Or even if he does, you’ll regret going back to square one and annulling all the progress you’ve made so far.

I know you miss him. After all, this was the man you shared everything with and someone you deeply cared for.

It wouldn’t be natural if you didn’t miss him and it would mean that you never loved him. However, it doesn’t mean he has to know this.

Especially not in the middle of the night, a few days after you two broke up. Or ever.

‘Hey, remember that song?’

There doesn’t exist a couple who doesn’t have their song.

A romantic love song that they listened to together or lyrics which describe their romance the best.

And you and your ex are no exception. Every time you hear this song, all of your memories go through your head.

You remember everything you went through and for a moment, you wish for all of it to come back.

For that couple of minutes, you feel like no time has passed and you feel the entire spectrum of emotions you were feeling while you were listening to this melody with him.

So, naturally, you want to share all of this with the person this song reminds you of — your ex-boyfriend.

You want him to feel the same nostalgia you’re feeling and you want to be important to him again, at least for a while.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean sending him this text wouldn’t be a mistake.

Because as soon as the moment is gone, you’ll wish you hadn’t done it.

As soon as you get back to reality, you’ll figure out that something like this is completely unnecessary and that you don’t actually miss him as much as you thought you did while the song was playing.

After all, he must have heard the same song since the two of you split, so why wasn’t he the one who reminded you of it?

‘Your new girl sucks’

As jealous as you are of the fact that your ex moved one before you did, there is no excuse for commenting on his new girlfriend.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to tell him that you were better than her, if you want to satirically say that she’s cute or even if you think that he’s searching for you in her — sending any text regarding his new life is a huge mistake.

Besides, you’ll only boost his ego and he’ll think of you as a lunatic who continues stalking him.

‘Hey, sorry, I texted you by accident’

Admit it: how many times have you wanted to at least send an emoji to your ex and then tell him it was an accident and that you actually wanted to text someone else?

To call him and then hang up, justifying to yourself that your phone did it by itself?

Of course, ideally, after breaking the ice, you two would continue the conversation, which was your initial plan all along.

Well, guess what? Nobody buys that shit.

In fact, even if something like this happens by accident, he’ll always think you did it on purpose and that you were just looking for an excuse to get in touch with him.

So please, don’t even try these childish tricks because they won’t work.

‘I moved on’

OK, you obviously won’t send this literal text but any message which is implying that you’ve gotten over him is a message you shouldn’t send.

Let’s be real: if you have the need to tell someone you’ve forgotten about them, you clearly haven’t. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be in the back of your head.

‘Want to come over?’

One of the worst things you can do after a relationship ends is to turn it into a casual fling.

I’m not telling you this because your ex will think of you as a slut (because who cares what he thinks and what is the difference between you and him if you two voluntarily sleep together?)

I’m telling you this because something like this would crush even the pieces of your heart which luckily remained unbroken and because an affair like this is impossible to sustain without further emotional damage.

This was the man you had deep feelings for, so what makes you think that you can have sex with him with no strings attached now?

What makes you think that all of your emotions won’t come back and that you won’t want to have him back?

So, sending a text which is actually a booty call is never a good idea.

If you really want to have some meaningless sex but don’t want a relationship, it’s better to find someone else for the job than to reopen your old wounds.