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6 Things To Do When He Is Stringing You Along

6 Things To Do When He Is Stringing You Along

When you love someone, you never think of being strung along by them.

If you have a problem, you believe it is something every couple faces and will pass.

But there are problems that can’t be ignored and the sooner you accept that they are happening, the easier it will be for you.

One of them is when you are being strung along by someone who is your whole world.

When that happens, you stop believing in love and you lose hope that anyone will love you as you deserve.

But that is the moment when you need to act and not feel sorry about yourself.

Come on, you are not going to let one man treat you like shit and get away with it.

Maybe some of the following things can help you get back on your feet again and restore your faith in love.

1. Cut all contact with him

worried woman holding phone and looking outside

If something awkward like this happened, the first thing you need to do is to cut every possible contact with him.

That means no messages on social media or texting, no phone calls, and no communication if you see him in person.

You should stay away from him as much as possible because getting closer to him will just make things worse.

If you answer his calls or texts, he will start thinking that he can win you over again and he will try to do it.

But once you stop communicating with him, he will see that you are not as easy as he thought.

Trust me, your indifference will hurt him more than any curse, so play it smart and don’t be available to him.

2. Don’t blame yourself

brunette woman sitting at home looks thoughtful

The worst thing that can happen is that you start blaming yourself and forgive him all that he has done to you.

Fuck that shit! He is the guilty one and he should have his tail between his legs and vanish from your life.

And you should move on as though he didn’t exist. Do you know why? Because a douchebag like him doesn’t deserve one tear from your eye.

He never deserved you, but you were blinded by love and couldn’t see his real face.

But now you know what he is like, so you should steer clear of him. Don’t think you were the guilty one.

If you show him that you are sorry for letting him go, he will use that opportunity and try to sneak into your life again.

Be confident and know what you want. Only in that way can you get to where you want to be.

3. Don’t change yourself

woman leaning on sofa inside home

Just because one man wasn’t good for you, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t be your perfect match.

So, whatever you do, don’t change who you really are. If you are playful and easy-going, stay true to yourself.

Don’t become small just so a man in your life can look big.

Don’t burn just to bring light to someone else’s life. Instead, after something like this happens to you, get out of this situation stronger than ever.

Show him that you can do way better than him and that his mind games didn’t destroy you, they just made you stronger.

4. Find someone else  

couple sitting by the lake and talking

I am not saying you need to jump into someone’s bed the day after you break up with him, but after you feel that you are ready, open your heart to someone new.

But this time be smarter and more curious. Give yourself more time to get to know him and don’t let him know that you are always available for him.

Show him that he has to go the extra mile to win you over because you are a high-value woman.

If you respect yourself enough, he will respect you as well.

Be with someone who you feel comfortable with and never do things you don’t like, just to make him feel better about himself.

Only in that way will you find true happiness and be able to be the best version of yourself in a love relationship.

5. Move on  

blond girl walking in old part of town

One clever thing you can do after you find out that he has been stringing you along is to simply move on. Okay, it didn’t work out with him. So what?

Is he the only man in the world? Of course he isn’t, so why would you sweat the small stuff?

You should just move on from the toxic relationship you ran into and save yourself the time.

I know it will be hard in the beginning because you’ll think about him a lot, but after some time, it will fall into place like a missing puzzle piece.

You will feel sorry for not leaving him earlier because you feel so powerful and great in your skin now when he is no longer a part of your life.

But it is never too late for the good things, right?

So, go ahead and start a new chapter of your life, but this time with someone who is truly worthy of you.

6. Forget all about him

Woman sitting on brown armchair

I know it won’t be easy to forget all about him once you break up, but you will succeed eventually.

The most important thing is not to mention him to your friends and family.

When you don’t talk about someone, you tend to start forgetting him step by step.

In love relationships, it is a slightly longer process because certain feelings are involved, but if you follow the no contact rule and if you don’t talk about him, you will succeed in it.

When you feel he will always be on your mind, God will send you someone who will take up all your attention and you won’t think about your ex at all.

Each one of us gets what we deserve, but good things don’t happen overnight.

You will have to wait for the right person a bit longer, but in the end, the one who loves you more than himself will embrace you in the morning, telling you that he is so damn lucky to have you.

6 Things To Do When He Is Stringing You Along