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6 Ways A Girl Broken By A Sociopath Loves Differently

6 Ways A Girl Broken By A Sociopath Loves Differently

When you fall in love, you never think of bad things.

You live in your own world of fantasy and you feel that nothing can go wrong. But mostly when you least expect something bad to happen, your man might hurt you in a way that you couldn’t imagine he is capable of.

That is what a sociopath does in every relationship because whatever happens and no matter how good a partner he has, it will never be enough for him.

And the girl?

A girl broken by a toxic sociopath will never be the same again. She will have to go through a long healing process and in the end, she will be able to give her heart again and to love, but this time she will love differently.

1. She won’t trust you at first

You need to know that a girl like this has been through hell and back and that she can’t open up to you so easily. She is afraid that every other guy who comes into her life will treat her like her toxic ex and that’s why she will suppress her feelings.

What you need to do is to show her that you are a safe person and that she can trust you completely, without any doubt that you will hurt her.

Do things that will make her feel good with you and show her that you are not like everyone else and that you deserve a chance.

2. She will want things to go as slow as possible

You can’t expect that a girl broken by a sociopath will want to give herself all in at the beginning of your relationship.

She will need some time to see that you are not as bad as her ex and that you won’t take advantage of her. So, whatever you do, give her time to accept that she has a normal relationship and don’t push her to do things that she doesn’t want.

Once she sees that you are the right one, she will give her pure heart to you and make you the happiest man alive.

3. She will try to push you away at the beginning

You see, when a woman gets hurt so bad like the girl broken by a sociopath, she doesn’t believe men anymore.

She simply thinks that every other guy will treat her the way her ex did and that she will end up in tears in the end. A girl like this has been convinced that she was the unlovable one and that’s why she will try to push you away.

She thinks that she was broken completely and that no man will ever accept her broken like that.

4. Her self-esteem was crushed, and that will be your biggest obstacle

A girl like this thinks that she was guilty of everything that happened to her and that it was her fault her last relationship was bad.

She had an awful experience and she thinks that she doesn’t deserve real love. If you date her, you will see that her self-esteem is quite low and that she has trust issues.

But the real truth is that she just needs someone like you to show her what real love is and that it is more than just sweet words and kisses.

5. She will be terrified

In fact, this is her biggest fear—she is scared to love again because she thinks that she will get hurt again. A girl like this went through so many bad things in life and she can’t seem to see the rainbow after a rain.

Trust issues are something that she has to cope with on a daily basis and winning her over can be a mission impossible.

But for the real man, it won’t be hard to go the extra mile and show her the love she really deserves.

6. She will need someone to reintroduce her to love

How could she know what real love is when she only met fear and agony?

She doesn’t know what it feels like to wake up next to a man who is happy to have her there. She doesn’t know what it feels like to be kissed, hugged and worshipped every day.

A girl like this knows about bad stuff only and she needs a man who will show her what real and unconditional love is. Be that one for her. Show her not all guys are the same.