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6 Ways Men Express Their Feelings Without Using Words

6 Ways Men Express Their Feelings Without Using Words

Women are pretty much straightforward. When we like someone, we do our best to let him know it by showing our affection and making him feel special.

We are accustomed to expressing our feelings, and we’re not afraid to show our vulnerable side to the man we like.

But, men are pretty much the opposite.

Most of the time they have a problem expressing their feelings towards you.

This problem lies deeply rooted within our society because men have always been taught to be tough and masculine.

That is why they are afraid to show us their gentle, sensitive sides.

They were forced to find a way to indirectly show their affection without being judged for being too vulnerable or feminine.

In order to do so, they decided to rely on their body language and small gestures that will show you how much they care about you.

Here are some common ways men express their feelings without saying a word.

He kisses your forehead

There are different types of kisses and every kiss has a different meaning and symbolism.

A forehead kiss is the most special one because there’s nothing sexual about it.

He may kiss your forehead when he finds you really cute or when you’re leaving for work, etc.

There are many occasions for this type of kiss. It is special and at the same time universal.

A forehead kiss shows appreciation, caring and understanding. It says: I love you the way you are.

You are appreciated and understood. I really care about you.

Next time you receive a forehead kiss, remember these sentences above.

He surprises you

If he keeps surprising you, you really are a lucky girl.

If he brings you coffee or buys you your favorite candy, it is just his way of showing how much he cares about you.

He wants you to know that he listens to you and your wishes.

Your every wish will be his command, and you don’t have to be afraid that he will disappoint you.

Your well-being means his well-being, and he wants to make sure that you’re loved, entertained and nourished.

He wants you to join him with his friends

His friends are like his second family, and if he wants you to be a part of that family, then you’re really in.

He wants to show you to his friends and tell them: SHE IS THE ONE.

Also, if they start making fun of you, he will defend you in front of them because you are his woman.

You are his priority, and his friends are your friends as well.

He listens to you carefully

If a guy listens to your every word carefully and he’s excited about what you have to say next, be sure that he really cares about you.

He wants you to know that he’s absorbing your every word, so that he can find a solution if needed.

For example, if someone pissed you off, he will do his best to soothe you and to make you feel better instantly.

He makes dinner

You’re probably both working and the only time you have for yourself is in the evening.

If he insists on being the one who will make you dinner, he’s telling you that he knows you’re tired, and he wants you to rest and enjoy a delicious meal after a hard day’s work.

He wants you to feel protected and taken care of because he feels it is his duty to make sure his woman is safe and sound.

He sends you emojis and pictures

We all know that men have a completely different mindset when it comes to texting.

They use texting only to briefly exchange their ideas or set some plans with you for that day.

But, if he sends you some cute emojis, pictures of him at work and things like that, he is trying to tell you that he’s thinking of you, and he wants to make you smile when you open the message.

So, don’t forget to smile, open your heart and cherish that man.